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Captain Foam – No Reason / Will There Ever Be a Time

This heavy little 45 comes from the great state of Ohio, I have to assume it dates from the early ’70s based on the sound and the lyrical content of the b-side.  All I know about Captain Foam is that the guy was billed as […]

Ray Columbus & The Invaders – C’mon & Swim

Ray Columbus & The Invaders were the most commercially successful of New Zealand’s R&B based beat bands. Formed around 1960 in Christchurch, they went through a number of lineup changes before disbanding in 1965. 1962-63 saw them move north to be based in Auckland before […]

Lee Stone: What Is Life (Break Out Records)

The first time I heard this 45 with it’s slick vocals and great horns I started to jones. Possibly one of my favourite jazz 45’s [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Kenny Rankin: In The Name Of Love (Columbia)

This 45 Columbia version differs significantly from the Scat vocal / acoustic guitar led LP cut. One of my favorite Jazz 45’s that recently got crossed off the wants list. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Mulatu Astatke: Yefikir Tizita (Philips)

A decent hypnotic example of Ethio jazz. This track makes me want to a) Visit Ethiopia. B) Charm Snakes. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

John & Ed Strickland – Rebel Beat

John & Ed Strickland seem to have been something of a none to one almost hit wonder group, it’s actually been pretty tough to find any information on these guys or this 45. The actual A side is a nice mid/slow version of Wilbert Harrison’s […]

Hot Jam – Tobacco Road

This was exactly what the world needed back in 1975, another version of “Tobacco Road”. It’s one of my favorite songs ever & has been covered by every man & his dog worldwide. This 45 is a version of it by a band that I’d […]

Edna Mae Henning

Welcome to the magical world of Edna Mae Henning. A very special country singer from rural Pennsylvania. She is in many ways what I had always dreamed of in an older woman singing good ol’ fashioned country music. She has a way of capturing the […]

Cecil Young Progressive Quartet – Volume 2

Crazy beatnik jazz from the 50s, heavy on the scat, bongos & humour. They have another EP before this one but I don’t know of anything else this group did apart from these two EPs on King. I suspect they both featured smilarly excellent cover […]

Joe "Youngblood" Cobb – It’s L.B. Time

Joe Cobb was a well known radio DJ on Chicago’s WVON for many years in the 60s & 70s. He cut this 45 for the local Ex-Pect-Mo label in 1972 & it was then picked up nationally by Cutlass out of Nashville who gave the […]

Alan Clare Group – Milligatawny

Since there seems to have been something of a run on UK jazz on Waxidermy lately, here is an interesting 45 to share. Alan Clare was a UK pianist who had a pretty long career & a touch of mainstream success from the 40s through […]

Choreo – Choreo Blues

I believe Choreo was a company that specialised in instructional dance records. This 45 has a couple of nice jazz tracks that feature somewhat quirky intros before hitting with some pretty nice jazz grooves. Does anyone have more information on the label, or know if […]

Vince Callaher – Moo Cow Boogie Blues

This 45 is a pretty good piece of late 1950s rockabilly from New Zealand. Back in those days it seems that New Zealand rock & rollers would do songs about anything “Pie Cart Rock & Roll” & “Blackberry Boogie” come to mind. This song written […]

The Bugs – Twist & Shout

There has to be heaps of them, the budget “cash-in” labels, every country has them, every record collector knows them. There are labels dedicated to “cash-in” LPs only, 45s only also. The “Hit” label is one of the 45 ones, a reasonably prolific one at […]

Roy Budd – Birth Of The Budd

Everyone knows Roy Budd for his later soundtrack work, but this 45 was the first thing I ever owned by him & it still holds a special place in my heart. This 45 (“Birth Of The Budd”/”M’Ghee M’Ghee”) came out in 1965 & was Budd’s […]

Bari & The Breakaways – I Can’t Explain

Quite possibly the finest & most fully realised R&B band to emerge from a sixties New Zealand scene that had a number of fine bands. The Breakaways were the first to get a taste of national success, inspired by bands such as the Rolling Stones, […]

Purnima Thakur – Miloongi Ghanta Ghar Ke Tale

Here’s a good synth-bass, tabla, rhythm box, banjo, sax, accordion and female vocals combination from India. Music is composed by Charanjit Ahuja and this stuff was released in 1980. It sounds like it could have been from anything between 1958 to 2020. Certainly not something […]

Czeslaw Niemen – Muzyka do sztuki Juliusza Slowackiego

Polish mostly synthesized music from I don’t know when. On the Polskie Nagrania Muza label (who had rad sleeves). The A-side is comprised of 5 or 6 short synth experiments. The b-side is similar but halfway through some singing comes in. I wish it didn’t. […]

The Druids – Doctor Friend

Great 60’s pop that’s as addictive as the street pharmaceuticals discussed in the song. The lyrics, which deal with serious drug addiction, are cheerful and bouncy. But what really keeps me coming back (ha) are the breezy background harmonies. The flip, “She’s got secret (to […]

Ray Brown & The Whispers – Respect

Australian band The Whispers were probably the best & most successful blue eyed soul group in Australia during their original run of success from 1964-66. The band really loved the burgeoning soul scene coming out of the US at the time & laced their live […]

Jay Walker Effort – ‘Paper Dolls’ – Scott

Obscure acid rock stomper from Grand Rapids Michigan: fuzzy dual guitar shredding and psychedelic Leslie speaker vocals are backed by clattering drums & shaker action. An imaginative friend of mine once wrote that this group was likely “aiming for Cream, but ended up with something […]

Blerta – Freedom St. Marys

Blerta was the brainchild of legendary New Zealand drummer, bandleader & actor Bruno Lawrence. He formed Blerta in 1971, with the name standing for “Bruno Lawrence Electric Revelation Travelling Apparition”. Blerta was held together as a band through to 1975 & it’s ever revolving membership […]

Hacke Bjorksten – All Star Sextet

Sweden had a pretty thriving modern jazz scene back in the fifties that produced a number of talented players. Many of the sessions recorded there by either visiting or expatriate US artists or local players were often recorded & performed to a high quality. I […]

The Sinceres – Girl I Love You

Pzazz was a small label out of Hollywood that released a real variety of stuff in the few years it was in business. It was the baby of Paul Gayten who was a music industry veteran having been a force in the 1950s New Orleans […]

Big Daddy Crimson – Leave My Woman Alone

If you’ve ever been sitting there watching Sesame Street & thought “damn, wouldn’t it be cool if Cookie Monster fronted a funk band?” Then this is the 45 for you, not only do you get two sides of nice Monk Higgins arrangements, you also get […]