45’s and 7’s

Those little records.

Freddie Redd – Stockholm 1956

American pianist Freddie Redd arrived in Stockholm in June 1956 as a relatively unknown artist. He had taken up an invitation from swedish trumpeter Rolf Ericson to be a part of an all-american rhythm section that Ericson would tour throughout Sweden in mid-56. The other musicians invited were bassist Tommy Potter & drummer Joe Harris. […]

The Atlantics – Bombora

Without a doubt the greatest & most successful surf band to come out of Australia ever.  Formed in 1961 “Bombora” was the group’s second 45 & was released in 1963.  Produced by Sven Libaek, it was the band’s biggest hit & was one of only two 45s by the band to get released in the […]

Norgine 45


Christian Lee – ‘Magic Wand’ – White Wonder

Obscure 45rpm artifact on a one-off label – the artist remains mysterious, originally from Detroit, apparently he later relocated to the Southwest. An anthem of sorts, the rough-hewn yet melodic folk sound of ‘Magic Wand’ oddly foreshadows the sound of early 90s bedroom-four-trackers. Listen

Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman

Bizarrely this record is quite highly sought after amongst those in the know. Not sure why to be honest. It’s an enjoyable disco stomper with some nice warbling synths, the obligatory computer vocal and some slightly strained female vocals. I was given it by a friend who nabbed it from her Dad’s collection. Unfortunately some […]

Al Sharp – The Poke

Quite why I bothered to pick this up is anyone’s guess. The enigma that is Al Sharpe kinda called to me in some way. Was it the ridiculous flared suit that he was still wearing in 1982? Or the stark, empty room that this man was jiving in? Was it the vaguely unsavoury nature of […]

Nature’s Time – The Way I See It – Far Out

I am basically posting up this 45 to see if anyone can chime in with more info about it. Apparently it is pretty uncommon & seems for me to be ungoogleable. One thing that really bugs the hell out of me is when I find a record but don’t know the story behind it. I […]

Anenzephalia – Lyse

First I’ll start off with a disclaimer: I borrowed this record from my girlfriend who used to be a big industrial fan. I am really not that knowledgable on industrial stuff at all, hell I don’t really like it even, but this one seemed too weird not to be shared. Thanks to her for the […]

Clem Hutchins – White Cloud

Fantastic outsider country dig from Louisiana or Texas. I can’t remember. Clem sounds like a combination between Old Man Death and an ancient Indian Shaman. He has Moondog-like percussion rumbling under a strumming guitar as he belts out a weird ode to the afterlife all in mystical metaphors. Unearthly wild stuff. The flip is like […]


Frozen tundra garage 45 that is totally inept and wonderful. I should really post all the songs, but I only have “Mr. Twist” digitized. Anybody know of any other releases from the “Kajak” label? The vocals are out of control, and I think in English ? maybe ? “Ah Meester Tweeest Ya Tweeeeest!!!!” Wish they […]


Vermont AOR dork rock supreme. Like the kind of band you could only hope to be playing at your local roller rink after the disco crowd had moved out. Has to be heard. She’s Just a Memory

Ronald et Ronald

Leave it to the French to produce quite possibly the single most annoying children’s 7″. EVER. I dare you to listen to these two songs. In their entirety. Is it a voice? Are they robotic chickens? How are they singing about a Pussycat? WHAT THE FUCK? Couac Couac Pussycat

Bojan Adamia – Maskerada

This is the soundtrack to the Slovanian film MaÅ¡kerada (Boitjan Hladnik). The film was made in 1971, but was banned and only shown years later in 1984, apparently due to the explicit sex scenes that it contains. Anyway, the tripped out psychedelic “song” Hippy on the A-side of the 45 is quite spectacular. It has a great funky garage beat, wild soaring […]

Harold Martin & Larry Young Jr – ‘Wild Fire’

Utterly obscure 45rpm single featuring jazz organist Larry Young – released on a local New Jersey label – undated, but presumably from his early 70’s ‘Lawrence of Newark’ phase – once dubbed ‘The Coltrane of the Organ’ – Larry Young is fairly well known as far as cult jazz figures go – this recording however, […]

William McCauley – Ontario

This is a nice little obscure 7″ flexi record containing the soundtrack to a film called “Ontario”. I guess it was a promotional documentary of sorts from around 1970, highlighting this and that of the province. Films like that usually ooze loads of period charm and you often wonder where all the nice tunes went […]

The Hostage – Physical Love Affair

This is a Boston area rock/punk 45 done by the man behind the “Original Black Sheep”, Bili Sparrow. Sparrow has done rock 45s, rap 45s, funk….soul…..everything. The self proclaimed “Jimi Hendrix of Boston”, was also interview on my radio show. Clip: Physical Love Affair.mp3

Los Grillos – Mi Destino Es Como El Viento

The sheer amount of non-(North) American records located in the greater Los Angeles area is mind boggling to say the least. One week I’ll come across a grip of Eastern European prog/folk records, the next week some Calypso 78s…just this past week I found a handful of Aboriginal field recordings and a stack of 20 […]

The Bag – Red Purple & Blue

The Bag were a late sixties blue-eyed soul band from the New York area that made one full length LP for Decca that incorporates enough touches of psych to get mildly sweated by people who collect that stuff. Needless to say the LP sank without a trace upon release. This song is the B-side of […]

GAEA – C’est Magnifique b/w Lunar Transmission

Balls out female synth-punk shredder. Nothing is heald back. Screaming sexy vocals and sexualised lyrics with outer space theatrics all packaged in an overbearing synth dancefloor smasher. GAEA, where are you? Please get in touch with me. Released in 1981 on Lizard Records (private). One of the most interesting records I now own. I have […]

Don Data and The Rez-Tones

Has anyone seen my beeper? Welcome to the final frontier. Most lazy diggers wouldn’t have even spotted this in the bins: it is a 6″ flexi disc attached to a 6″ square 2-panel folder. To listen, you just turn it inside out and drop it on the record player.

Baligh Hamdy – Gada

Baligh Hamdy is a composer well known for his work with Egyptian super star singer Oum Kalsoum and Hamdy’s wife, Algerian born Warda. Here’s a real oddity from his hand, an EP with a rather daring silk screened cover (daring considering it was released in Egypt in the sixties). This mini-album has 6 beautiful instrumental […]

France Gall – Le Coeur Qui Jazze

In France, France Gall is what you call a superstar of “la variete” (i.e. pop music). This nice little jazz number dates from back in the days when she was working (or was made to work) with Serge Gainsbourg. Side 1 here was penned by Serge: “Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son” got France Gall […]

Canti Comunisti Italiani

“Songs of the Italian Communists” – now there’s a title crying out for the pop charts. There was a little sequence of revolutionary songs released on 7″ singles by the Italian label ‘i dischi del sole’ in the early sixties, of which this is one. Quite nicely packaged in a fold-out sleeve (would have been […]