45’s and 7’s

Those little records.

KYC 64 – Know Your Car and Get The Best Out Of It

“This Noise Means Danger!” – a TV tie-in 7″ single from BBC records in 1964. Know Your Car had a signature tune by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, but sadly it’s not to be heard on this peculiar mix of deadpan narration and the sounds of ailing motorcars. The commentary is by John F. Miles, manager […]

BBC Sound Effects Centre – Comedy Sounds

An in-house 7″ BBC sound effects disc from about 1967 by the look of the house style. The ‘handle with great care’ suggestion should have been taken more seriously, as there’s a big chunk out of the edge of the disc, depriving us of “Things Falling and Clanging”. Not very musically inspirational, as you might […]

Music of Machinery : Shrewsbury Pumping Station

Optimistically sub-titled “Volume One”, this 7″ 45 rpm single came out on Big Ben records in the UK in 1968. It is an unedited recording of a 19th century pumping engine, one side recorded “In The Engine Room“, the other “In The Cellar“. Rhythm of Machinery might have been a more apt name for the […]

3’s- Do You See / Threez

Found this for $1 at a spot in Ohio and took a chance on it. Weird poppy psych from 1974, sounds much more like something that would’ve come out 6-8 years earlier, but at the same time I can hear a slight Hawkwind/krautrock influence also. And the horns in the middle, what’s up with that??? […]

L Cpl Charles E Scott (USMC) – From Vietnam With Love

Still a mystery to me, found a stack of these in Richmond VA (the label’s hometown) almost a decade ago, many years of questions and research has yielded nada. The label is known for some hard 60’s garage rockers, this spoken recitation with folky guitar strumming & humming of the Stone’s “As Tears Go By” […]

US Import – No Nukes / Nuclear Fusion

I believe blame should always be heaped upon the parents. I have 2 sons at ages 7 and 11, both precociously adolescent and surly though not yet teenage. Every time I try and sell my boys the notion that I am workin’ ant-like hard for them, amassing a dynamite wax inheritance (yesterday’s case in point: […]

Scottie Pete Gang – Rapper’s De Feet b/w Rapper’s De Feet

I don’t actually own this 45 but I wish I did. I borrowed it from my friend to post on here and for an up-coming radio show I’m doing. The Scottie Pete Gang consisted of some radio DJs at CKOC in Hamilton, Ontario. I have no idea if they are fans of rap or not, […]

B.J. Berg – The Laughing Song b/w Nobody Cares

I’ve never been married. But I have been dumped. I don’t recall the experience being overwhelmingly hillarious. I think I just listened to some loner-folk and watched Woody Allen movies. However, this is exactly what B.J. Berg did not do. In fact, when his wife left him he recorded The Laughing Song under the name […]

C – Dream One / In 1 Ear

For 7 or 8 years in the 90s I was selling records with my brother. I’m not going to pretend to you I was knowing my sh1t inside and out, my tiny mind was baffled from raves and with 2 hemispheres like Swiss cheese now it is just impossible for me to retain all the […]

Muirlands Jazz/Rock Ensemble – 1973

I picked this 7″ up mainly because it has a Frank Zappa cover on it, but it actually turned out to be a solid record all the way through. I have no idea what the Muirlands Jazz/Rock Ensemble was (probably a High School Stage Band I am guessing) and from what the label tells me, […]

Signals From Outer Space

This came as a present from a friend and the physicist in me went ape-sh*t. This is a 45 themed around recordings from Sputnik, the first satelite to make it into space (launched from the former U.S.S.R. in 1957). Side one is a recording of the data being sent from Sputnik while in space. Lots […]

The Slits / American Radio Interview

The Slits’ brief catalog is full of oddities bookmarked by two full-length LPs, their acknowledged dub/punk classic Cut and the misunderstood and very underrated Return of the Giant Slits. (If you have not yet done so, get these albums now.) This 1981 7″ came packaged with the (Europe only?) Return LP, and it’s a perverse […]

The 44th Street Portable Flower Factory – S/T

Picked this one up based on the fact that I noticed Bob Dorough was the vocalist and Steve Swallow arranged, produced, and played bass and keyboards on this. The Peter Max styled cover was another draw. A fairly strong 45 EP of covers including: Let’s Get Together, Atlantis, Runaway Child, and Blackbird. I’ve always been […]

Caterina Casselli – Bagnata Come un Pulcino

The entrepreneurial biography of Caterina Caselli cannot go disgiunta from her artistic biography. The same passion that moves her, the same energy, the same suffering participant, the same stubborn engagement in the search of the best in a field, that one of contemporary popular music, where if it is true that fatturato it is bello […]

Various – Pornophone / Sanghingsten

Oh Oh, this cover is quite explicit, when i bought this 45 i thought it was punk underground stuff, it was written in swedish, the only thing i understood was “pornophone” and “Made in Sweden”, the rest is swedish, anyway i bought it. Back home, i listened to it and i was disapointed: only spoken. […]

Emmett Frisbee – Sound Paintings

“Emmett Frisbee used to travel the country entering Hoagy Carmichael look-alike contests. He was never a winner, though once he was one of the ten finalists. Discouraged, penniless and having turned vegetarian, Emmett decided one Thanksgiving over his bowl of cold oatmeal to make music his career. Life took an immediate upward swing. Today, Emmett […]