This should explain everything.

Carols Avalon: Only One

Hadn’t found a cover quite this good/bad in a while. This dude clearly thought he was THEE MACK

Robbie Mackey – Production Reel

For some reason somebody thought pressing a childrens album on vinyl in the early 90s would be a good business plan and that this lunatic painter would be just the guy for the job. Features a breath taking cover of the little mermaid rasta crab anthem “under da sea”. I left this record in California. […]

Sisters of the Society Devoted To The Sacred Heart – You Are My Friend

This is from a group of accoustic guitar playing nuns from Los Angeles who sing about friendship and Jesus. I really like the cover with the design and clashing colors. The sisters are still active in missionary work according to their website. I take it this LP recorded in 1973 was a suppliment to their […]

Jack Patton: Polish Cowboy Sings Again

I bought this album solely to further enhance my own Polish heritage. From what I gather, folks would come from all over the midwestern United States to hear Jack Patton(owiczski)’s folk-polka songs about sausages, boiled potatoes, how many of his cousins it took to screw in a lightbulb, and the zany antics of his promiscuous […]

Ronn Lasiter: Visions of Fantasy

Another strange and wonderful Yamaha Electone keyboard record. This is the kind of stuff I live to find. Just peep the completely twisted Doobies cover and you’ll know what I mean. Maybe…

Bolster and McDaniel: S/T

Pretty bizarre record that I picked up recently on the strength of the cover. I was prepared for the fairly standard folky rock with country overtones that this record mostly is – but, was totally unprepared for the quirky, low-budget funk(?) jam that opens the record. SEE WHAT I MEAN!?!?! File under: HUH…???

The Links – s/t

Here’s a hideous lo-fi lounge record featuring the usual “sweet caroline” cover tune and a Will Ferrell look alike. Goulet!

Alexander Longrifle: Best Of

While there are plenty of examples of “why on earth wasn’t a record company interested in this?!?!” in the world of private press records, this is not one of them. Alexander “Chief” Longrifle is pretty much a textbook example of an artist who’s music would never have made it into the few homes it did […]