Disco / Electro

Stepping Tones – I Want To Dance Like Michael Jackson

If I was more organized, I would’ve had this up months ago, you know, when he died. I can only hope it breathes new life into Michael’s storied legacy which doesn’t seem to be losing much relevance thanks to an uninterrupted media blitz. I do find it interesting that, had I posted this back when […]

Spooky – Digital Readout/Shake That Thang (Thunder Thumbs)

Crunchy, lumbering outsider analog synth funk perfection. Created by the mysterious Spooky in 1984 in someplace called Warner Robins, GA. I need more of this kind of thing in my life. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Rene Roussel – Rubriques

Ok, so I realize this is sort of going against the grain of most reviews on here, but I couldn’t resist posting a (dare I say) PROTO Italo/house library track (yes, these actually exist). The release date on this was not included but it had to be either 1979 or 1980 (probably ’79 – after […]

Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman

Bizarrely this record is quite highly sought after amongst those in the know. Not sure why to be honest. It’s an enjoyable disco stomper with some nice warbling synths, the obligatory computer vocal and some slightly strained female vocals. I was given it by a friend who nabbed it from her Dad’s collection. Unfortunately some […]

Al Sharp – The Poke

Quite why I bothered to pick this up is anyone’s guess. The enigma that is Al Sharpe kinda called to me in some way. Was it the ridiculous flared suit that he was still wearing in 1982? Or the stark, empty room that this man was jiving in? Was it the vaguely unsavoury nature of […]

Board Of Directors – Happy/Hanging Tough

This 12″ single was released on the Record Symphony Corporation label out of Brooklyn in 1978. The A side is titled ‘Happy’ & is sung by KC Stewart while the B side is an instrumental titled ‘Hanging Tough’. This 12″ plays at 33 not 45 so you get a complete 7:00 disco jam in ‘Happy’ […]

Gianni Safred – Futuribile (The Life to Come)

This was originally released on the obscure “Music Scene” Italian library label, but soon after found a home with our good friends at Folkways. Rather than trying to come up with an entertaining review of this futuristic electronic/jazz/disco record, I’ll just let the liner notes do the job. It seems the people at Music Scene […]