Bob Hadley – Raven

Aside from one vocal track, the rest of this record is an excellent instrumental guitar lp that would fit in nicely on the Takoma label. Killer slide guitar and fingerpicking stuff here. You gotta love the homemade art thats taped on the cover of this private pressing.

George Cromarty – Grassroots Guitar

I love this record! From 1973 on Thistle records this record is comparable to John Fahey. Thirteen acoustic finger pickin instrumentals and one vocal cut at the end called “little children” that reminds me of a heartfelt Nick Drake tune. Great stuff. George Cromarty: “Little Children”

Witthuser & Westrupp – Trips & Traume

While it seems every piece of crap is is being called “psych/folk”, this truly is psychedelic folk music. This German folk duo who recorded a few lp’s on the German OHR label started out playing normal European folk music, until, from what I’ve read, were given a psych makeover by Kolf-Ulrich Kaiser. What really makes […]