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Michael Dobbins – Music For The Seeker

Bing Crosby drops acid and wakes up in a ditch outside an ashram with a long unkept beard and a clear plastic bag holding his personal belongings. Confused, blinking against the desert sun, he senses that he must keep on seeking. Walking down the empty […]

Cold Front – Songs To Sell Beer By

I found this record in a vault at a very old brewery where I used to work. The jacket appears to be handmade – a plain white gatefold with decals applied. Dig this crazy copy: “Throughout 1968, think COLD… Nothing has been spared to provide […]

Konrad: Evil

It is very hard to know where to begin trying to explain Konrad, so I’ll start from the very beginning. He was pointing at me as I opened a package of records I received via a Waxidermy holiday swap about two days before this last […]


I couldn’t have made this one up if I’d tried.

Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia

Here’s an obscure but not very expensive album that should appeal to anyone whose ears are shaped in a Waxidermian kind of way. The rather unlikely couple came together in the fair town of Cincy, where they released this LP as well as a couple […]

A Child’s Cry – A Clue To Diagnosis

Pfizer must have handed these out with their pills, wacky Dr Weinberg from Capetown S.A. leads you through baby cries & their meaning. Troubling gatefold inner cover will not be shown, here are some diagnosis Crying Babies

Teenage Talk-In

Strange 60’s Christian lp that has one of my favorite covers of all time. It depicts youthful scenes of of the era; playing baseball, dancing, riding on a motorcycle, holding a portable radio dangerously close to your ear and screaming, getting maced by the cops, […]

Starlight Children’s Chorus: E.T., I Love You & Other Extra-Terrestrial Songs For Children

With all the spin-off merchandise that comes with the success of a major motion picture, there’s bound to be some schlocky knockoff, and this is one of the weirdest ones I’ve ever seen. The title song, “E.T., I Love You“, one of two listenable and […]

NRA – Legacy

Found two years ago in a thrift, sealed, wasn’t untill this spring that i cracked it open to discover a dozen public service announcements promoting not the shoot em up unregistered bill of rights side of the organization, but the kinder, gentler conservation side of […]

L Cpl Charles E Scott (USMC) – From Vietnam With Love

Still a mystery to me, found a stack of these in Richmond VA (the label’s hometown) almost a decade ago, many years of questions and research has yielded nada. The label is known for some hard 60’s garage rockers, this spoken recitation with folky guitar […]

Sounds Of Love …A to Zzzz

The sounds of a woman getting it on with a Moog. This is either one of the best or one of the worst records I own – I’m just not sure which… [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

James Joyce: Finnegans Wake

Yeah, it still makes no sense.

Hammond State School Performing Group – Taking It To The Streets

From Louisiana, this mid-80’s recording by the very active performing group (there live appearance schedule on the back proove they may be the hardest working mentally handicapped band ever) has something for everyone. Rock, pop, disco, r&b, country & of course, zydeco. While i find […]

Masses In Time Of War

There are soooo many privately pressed lp’s of various church services, sermons, masses, church choirs, etc… that trying get a handle on them would probably cause your mind to literally explode. Not that anyone would really care to though, ’cause the sounds found on the […]

The Laughing Bear

This man really isn’t a bear. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Gertrude Behanna – God Isn’t Dead!

Here is the “highly personal story” of Mrs. Gertrude Behanna, a story of alcohol, drug addiction, three broken marriages and attempted suicide. Just look at Gertrude, doesn’t she exude the aura of misbehavior and a youth gone wild?! But who am I to know. Maybe […]

Inside SINA, the Society for Indecency to Naked Animals

This is easily the funniest and most inventive non-standup comedy LP I’ve ever heard. It’s a one-joke record, but what a joke and what a execution. It never gets old. The basic idea is that all animals ought to wear clothes, because “we’re all peeping […]

Kit Ream – All That I Am

I’m finishing this up at about 3:30 AM Pacific standard time, a perfect middle-of-the-night moment to finalize my thoughts on the infamous Kit Ream – All That I Am LP on Creative Records from 1978. Catalog number MW001. A “Waxidermist’s” wet dream. What started for […]

Al Washi: Epitaph for an Ego

Some people might already be familiar with this from my previous discussions of it, but there are still heads to be turned and this album is rather ripe for Waxidermic attention. This record cloaks itself in a thick smoke of mystery: no record label or […]


Perhaps the most peculiar release on SKYE. It poses the listener with the question “What good is a cutting edge computer company without a pride inducing company song book?” On this record you will find songs with titles like “Hail to the IBM” and odes […]

Chevrolet Sings of Safe Driving and You

Chevrolet’s hilarious attempt at promoting safety for young drivers by singing about the laws of motion and centrifugal force, among many other automobile-related things. If you ever wondered what it would sound like if Belle & Sebastian were around in the 60s making music about […]

Victor Uman – The Celestial Visitor From Planet Wisdom

This comes to us from ‘The Scientific Peace Builders Foundation’ out of Santa Monica, CA. On side one, narrator Charles Evans explains to us how the world is and always has been: war, power struggles and greed pitting human against human, racism, disease, etc. Side […]

The Living Word As Quoted By Susie

Possibly the most f*cked up album I own. Listen, but don’t say I didn’t warn ‘ya! This little girl is totally demonic.

Luie Luie – Touchy

Voted the most talented solider in the US Army, Luie Luie is one brilliantly demented guy. This is a concept album of sorts about “dances” known as “Touchys” that involve, you guessed it, touching people. Some may disagree, but Luie believes that “It is a […]