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Jerry Granelli – Visions

Excalibur Inc., No Cat. # I don’t have a lot of pride in my home state/town, per se.  It’s not that I dislike Colorado, I just don’t care.  But for some reason, when I come across records made in Colorado, I’m more intrigued than I […]

Ernst Reijseger / Alan “Gunga” Purves – Cellotape & Scotchtape

The other find from my time in Amsterdam worth presenting.  The sparse list of instruments on the back cover (cello, kalimba, drums, percussion and shakers) intrigued me enough to go for it, and I’m so glad I did. Cellotape & Scotchtape is the result of […]

Andy Hidalgo – Taiwan Memories

“Andy Hidalgo who has headed the orchestra at the US Officer’s Clup in Taipei since 1954 brings out his second album -Taiwan Memories- at the request of many who have heard his versatile organization play. It is hoped that such members as China Nite and […]

The Clarence Daniels Orchestra featuring Sandy Miller – Do The Deal

From my prized collection of LPs featuring people holding over-sized playing cards. This amateur orchestra floated over with this track. Great vibraphone break. “And Then I’ll Stay” melts me into a puddle. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Bob McKenna and Stash – The Sea Gull

I bought this on the strength of STASH, and the intense high-contrast sleeve. But I didn’t have high hopes. Everything seemed to indicate that this was going to be boring seafood restaurant jazz. Three originals couched by standards like “Route 66,” “Robin Hood,” and “Summer […]

John Wood – Until Goodbye

Mellow piano jazz with liner notes by Lee Underwood. Mostly solo piano with a strong Bill Evans/Keith Jarrett vibe. There’s also a big Tim Buckley influence that must have drawn Underwood to John’s demo tape. Here’s a long moody track called “Tim Buckley” that features […]

Ginger Hobby Horse & Friends: S/T (RA records 1970)

Another local (Devon) release G.H.H were a lounge band with pretensions of Blood Sweat & Tears. Perhaps not the best introduction, so allow me to lay the boot in a little further. The choice of covers on this LP in parts is enough to put […]

Sahib Shihab: Sahib’s Jazz Party (Debut)

This LP comes over as an amalgam of hard bop and swing, The playing is quite exceptional from the Scandinavian sidemen. “Conversation Part III” [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

John Surman / Westbrook: Untitled (John Hassell 1965)

I found this LP a few years ago and at the time did upload a pic and sound clip to the board in the hope someone might be able to shed some light on it and did a bunch of other attempts to discover more. […]

Hall High School – Here & Now

William Hall High School from West Hartford, Ct. has a number of LPs, this one showcases the Jazz Band & Jazz Choir from 1977. It was recorded at RCA Studio C in New York & sounds really good for a High School LP. This LP […]

Johnny Cox and Wayne Cox – Two Of A Kind

I collect records that feature playing cards on the cover. I don’t know why, but it’s fun. Two Of A Kind didn’t look very promising, but check out their oddly progressive interpretation of Harleme Nocturne (sic).

Bettye and Milt – Feelings Of

Introspective and intimate Piano and Vocal Jazz LP from Kansas on the Simba label. Features Bettye Miller on Piano, Milt Abel on Bass and Wallace B. Jones on Drums. The LP was recorded for the Topeka Jazz Workshop at Washburn University. Mostly really laid back […]

Various Artists: Night Club 68

Released on the Czech Supraphon label, “Night Club 68” features not only a way cool mod pop art LP cover, but a nice sampling of the groovy young sounds from hip Prague nightspots. Pavel Sedlacek opens the proceedings by covering a couple of UK beat […]

Warren Kime – Children of Time

Warren Kime may be best known to record collectors for his trio of Brass Impact LPs on the Command label released in the mid-to-late 60’s. An excellent overview of his career and how these LPs came to be can be found here: http://www.spaceagepop.com/kime.htm. There’s one […]

Various Artists: Made in Leverkusen

I was born in Cologne/Germany. Although Cologne is widely in peace with the cities surrounding it, there is however a strong rivalry with the neighbouring city of Leverkusen. Naturally, as a loyal citizen of my hometown I share this sentiment. This is fairly easy since […]

New Zealand Jazz Orchestra – s/t

This 1973 LP is a product of a “workshop” styled big band which was put together in Wellington by American Frank Diliberto. The album itself tries to cover a few too many different styles of Jazz to be a consistent listen from front to back, […]

Yao Lee – Songs by Yao Lee

One side of this 10″ record by Yao Lee has Chinese folk tunes, the other side has western songs. I rather like the sound and the arrangements on this. Yao Lee became famous in China in the 30’s and 40’s but fled to Hong Kong […]


few weeks ago i picked up this 10 inch record in a nylon bag among other pile of records… record with that title and comes with a nylon bag means there is some kind of mystery around it taking a good look at the label […]

Die Laumäckse – Jazz geht’s los

“Die Laumäckse” was a school band from the small german town named Koblenz. I picked this album up at a local flea market. Although I had never heard of the record I gave it a try as one of the cover versions they do on […]

Indiana Highway and Faraway Folk: Good Tidings Of Great Joy – RA

This is a Christmas EP sampler from the RA label featuring a rather out of place cut (We Three Kings by Indiana Highway) There is a crudity in terms of recording and even some timing slips which for me at least only add to the […]

Sonoma Valley Jazz Band: Spectacular ’74

Surprisingly great High School record from right in my own backyard that I’d never come across ’til recently. Sleeve is scant on info but it seems to be split between two local schools of which the kids on side B especially get down like nobody’s […]

Dick Morrissey Quartet: Storm Warning (Mercury 1965)

Comprising of Dm, Harry South, Phil Bates, and Phil Seamen the quartet are certainly tight having worked together for three years at the point of this release. This is quite possibly my favorite Morrissey LP. The track for inclusion here is the title cut penned […]

Don Rendell / Ian Carr: "Dusk Fire" Columbia 1966

Garrick joins the band and composes some of the cuts on Dusk fire, arguably the quintets best release?? [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

London Jazz Four: "An Elizabethan Song Book" CBS

A great late night listen with very proficient musicianship. Their version of Scarborough fair is really one of my favourites. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Ximo & Judy – Via Brasil

I quite often go to flea markets, in the summer even as often as once a week. Nevertheless I never seem to find any good records on flea markets. Don’t ask me why. This record is a exception to this rule though. It was released […]