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Graham Collier: Deep Dark Blue Centre

Horns, guitars and bass catch a groove on the cut “Crumblin’ Cookie”, featured on the Peterson comp and regarded by many as Colliers finest moment, I seriously love this cut, it makes me play air sax. “Crumblin’ Cookie” [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Graham Collier Sextet: Down Another Road

On the Nucleus tip, combining jazz with beat driven groves, this LP works well. The track included here is the title cut with John Marshall on drums..(Just noticed there are x2 jumps on this – looks like I should’ve cleaned this one before recording). “Down […]

Harry Beckett: Flare Up (Philips 1970)

Stare into Harry’s eyes on the cover shot and you get the sense he wants to do the nasty with your frontal lobes. Harry, you see is hardcore. This is a hard hitting LP with a very British flavour. The track for inclusion here is […]

Dick Morrissey Quartet: "It’s Morrissey, Man!" Fontana 1961

I love the Britishness of this LP from cover shot to content. The image of the Quartet on the tracks is inspired. The artistic concept is flawless. Apart from having to cart a double bass along the tracks which must have been a bad day […]

The Dick Morrissey Quartet: "Have You Heard?" 77 Records

Produced by Doug Dobell, there is some speculation as to weather this LP and all other releases on 77 records were only available from his shop (Dobells) Whatever the case, Have You Heard is a great LP featuring Harry South (Piano) Dick Morrissey (Tenor) Phil […]

Dee Dee Bridgewater: "Afro Blue" Trio 1974

Supported by her brothers Cacil and Ron on this Japanese only issue LP. Dee Dee’s vocal skills get a serious workout on the title cut Afro Blue, a driving belter that does to these ears deserve the adulation it has received over the years. With […]

Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath (RCA Neon)

SA McGregor had a particularly hard time in the UK with his band of African Jazzers although highly acclaimed his first line up disbanded before McGregor went on to form a new group. The story of what happened to some of the guys playing in […]

Brother Ah: "Key To Knowhere" Divine Records 1983

Another spiritual piece with a very nice version of “Motherless Child” featuring vocals from Nataska Hasan Toussef and swirling harp from Jeff Majors. The sleeve notes by Minerva Gail describe the LP thus: “The Sound Is spiritual. We hear the blues” the healing blues that […]

Amancio D’Silva: "Integration" Columbia 1969

For me this is a very special record, Featuring: Amancio D’silva, Ian Carr, Don Rendell, Dave Green and Trevor Tomkins. Every track on this album is innovative and perfectly executed I only wish I had more space on my server to upload the record as […]

B.J Ward: "Vocal Ease" Catfish

The Title cut is a kind of groovy female jazz number with upfont vocals in a similar vein to Doris et al. I can’t shake the chorus and it hasn’t left my deck since it came through the door. More than a one trick pony, […]

Surman/Skidmore/Oxley: Jazz in Britain ’68 – ’69 (Decca Eclipse)

Featuring the cream of Brit experimentalists this LP highlights some of the creativeness going on in the UK scene towards the end of the 60’s. The track included here is “Shepherd Oak”. Featuring: John Surman, Alan Skidmore, Mike Osbourne, Harry Beckett, John Taylor and others. […]

Roy Budd – Birth Of The Budd

Everyone knows Roy Budd for his later soundtrack work, but this 45 was the first thing I ever owned by him & it still holds a special place in my heart. This 45 (“Birth Of The Budd”/”M’Ghee M’Ghee”) came out in 1965 & was Budd’s […]

Quincy Conserve – Epitaph

It seems that when you start out collecting records you are magically drawn to find specimens in your preferred genre which were created by local musicians. The problem you often encounter when collecting relatively niche genres is that the local examples you find will usually […]

Hacke Bjorksten – All Star Sextet

Sweden had a pretty thriving modern jazz scene back in the fifties that produced a number of talented players. Many of the sessions recorded there by either visiting or expatriate US artists or local players were often recorded & performed to a high quality. I […]

Freddie Redd – Stockholm 1956

American pianist Freddie Redd arrived in Stockholm in June 1956 as a relatively unknown artist. He had taken up an invitation from swedish trumpeter Rolf Ericson to be a part of an all-american rhythm section that Ericson would tour throughout Sweden in mid-56. The other […]

Kevin Clark Group – On Saturday

Mid-70s jazz/funk out of New Zealand, released on the local Ode label. The Kevin Clark Group were the resident band on local television’s “On Saturday” show & this album showcases some of their varied repertoire for the show.  There are a mix of covers & […]

Ron Bucknam – Hints

Spaced out experimental music on the obscure Daagnim label, recorded live at the 1979 New Dallas Arts Festival in Dallas, TX. Here, Ron plays guitar and piano; (Heinasirkka) Dennis Gonzalez plays trumpet, cymbals, various small instruments and is pictured playing the cello on the back […]

Harold Martin & Larry Young Jr – ‘Wild Fire’

Utterly obscure 45rpm single featuring jazz organist Larry Young – released on a local New Jersey label – undated, but presumably from his early 70’s ‘Lawrence of Newark’ phase – once dubbed ‘The Coltrane of the Organ’ – Larry Young is fairly well known as […]

Jeffrey Morgan – Quasar-Mach

Recommended thematic avant-garde/free-jazz suite loosely based on the effects of time-travel. The album wavers between very sparse, brooding percussion based avant compositions reminiscent of the Gamelan Son of Lion LP on folkways and intense free jazz bridging on noise in parts. There is even a […]

Ron Julian and the Sanctuary: Little Boy

‘Little Boy’ by Ron Julian and the Sanctuary was the best of the church sale finds of the year for me. This Lp has one of those covers that scream “private” at you when you pull it out of a bin, and thankfully the sounds […]

Mike Westbrook: Marching Songs Vol 1 (Deram 1969)

Themed around the futility of War the sleeve notes narrate a landscape of conflict. “The Soldiers march in tightly closed ranks, grimly, the flamboyance of the parade is forgotten”. The track included here is the strangely titled “Waltz” featuring Gibbs, Osbourne, and Skidmore et al. […]

Neil Ardley/Ian Carr/Don Rendell: Greek Variations (Columbia 1970)

Themed on a series of Greek Folk tunes, this LP is segmented into three sections (More or less one for each artist under the ultimate influence of Ardley) Ian Carr’s contribution (Incorporating pretty much the original Nucleus line up) is most notable. “Persephone’s Jive”, an […]

Michael Garrick Trio: Cold Mountain (Argo)

A very listenable LP featuring Dave Green on bass and Trevor Tompkins on Drums. Thanks Giving Dance started life in 1967 as part of John Smith’s four ritual dances.

Polish Jazz Quartet: S/T (Muza 1964)

The track featured is titled “Przechadzka Puustymi Ulicami” (Translates to “Promenade through the empty streets”). A piano / sax led modal piece with a smoky vibe that grooves bang on point. The cover art illustrates the vibe far better than my rambling dirge.

Neil Ardley: Symphony of Amaranths (Regal Zonophone 1972)

This Lp plays host to numerous British Jazz players. Norma Winstone features on three tracks, ‘Will you walk a little faster’ was comped by Peterson, however ‘After Long Silence’ and ‘She weeps over Rahoon’ are both very warm and emotive the latter being warm yet […]