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Lisa: No Lo Sabes Todavia

As near as I can tell by trying to read the notes on the back of this lp with my non-existant understanding of Spanish, “Lisa” is from Cuba via Florida. I guess Lisa is either a very uncommon name where she comes from, or she […]

Frank Cardona y sus Alegres Tejanos

This is an oddball Tejano band on Diamante Records, featuring a dubious vocalist known only as “Mario”. They play a cool variety of styles, from ballads to hard organ driven cumbias, and loud clangy ranchera. Then definitly have some afro-mex rythms working in a few […]

U.S. Atlantic Fleet Navy Show Band – Hand Clappin’ Music

Banda Unitas ’78 – Simiiar to the “Port Authority” group in concept & execution but they try harder. Released for Puerto Rican recruitement, it was not distributed as widely as other US armed forces groups. Groovy song selection includes Negro Jose, Opener (Hand Clappin’ Music), […]

Los Juniors: La Perla

This record makes me happy. Los Juniors must have been Mexico’s answer to the British Invasion, but unlike so many other tired Beatles cash-ins on this era, this lp is vibrant and alive. And while they do swell versions of a couple Beatle songs (“I […]

Eric Dimson: That Latin Feelin’

I waste dollar bills at thrift shops in search of the ultimate lounge record the way chain smokin’ grannies fritter away their Social Security on lottery scratchers. If I could curb this habit a bit I’d probably be driving a nicer car, but every now […]

Pina Nevarez: Tu que Fuiste

Yet another lp I picked up when I just couldn’t say no to records featuring a groovy 60’s or 70’s girl on the cover. But this actually turned out to be a better than average pop record on the Mexican Peerless label. As with most […]

Los Christians: s/t (Dicesa)

Latino Xian Rock and covers. I know nothing about this group. I’m sure you can find some stuff on the web. This record has a few nice cuts like “Los Reyes Magos” which rocks out, a terrific cover of Tom Jones’ “Ella Es Una Dama” […]

Los Mitos: S/T

Killer 60’s Spanish (not quite sure where these guys were from, my copy was pressed in El Salvador) garagey fuzz-pop stuff that I was hipped to by Ryan (of this site) a while back. There’s a few American pop covers including a cool version of […]

Ghetto Brothers: Power-Fuerza

Obscure and amazing Latin Rock/Funk from the Bronx, N.Y. on the Salsa label.

Charle Tapia: "With Soul" (Soular)

Mr. Tapia is a flamenco guitarist, in the same vein as Jose Feliciano, who performed at lounges and Mexican food restaurants in the San Fernando Valley. He is backed by The Classmates, a band on the drums, guitars and vibes. Dig on this bad-ass cover […]

Los Locos Del Ritmo: Polvora

Another cool record on the Dimsa label. Their name translated into English is “The Crazy People of Rhythm”(?), and I ended up finding out that they were fairly popular in Mexico in the late 50’s/early 60’s – and are in fact regarded by some as […]

Diego De Cossio: S/T

Really cool Mexican surf guitar lp on the Dimsa label. Lots of reverb/tremoloed out versions of 60’s pop hits. His version of the Beatles “Michelle” is especially nice. Love the cover too.

Johnny Colon & Orchestra: Boogaloo Blues

A “Top 5 Cotique” according to some, and I wholeheartedly agree…

Chuito & the Latin Uniques: From the Street

Latin Soul from the street and from the heart …

The Latin Soul of Johnny Zamot and his Latinos

My first impression of this record was that it sounded kind of “dated” and “hokey,” but I think I was just listening with the wrong ears …

Orquesta Riverside – S/T

Orquesta Riverside has been a staple of Cuban music since the 1930s. This undated Areito album appears to be from the late ’60s/early ’70s, and contains some monster Latin funk tunes. Listen

Flick Wilson – School Days

Great early ’80s reggae LP on the Jah Life label. Backed by the Roots Radics and mixed at King Tubby’s, engineered by Scientist and Jammy. Listen

Guem et Zaka Percussion – S/T

Born to Nigerian parents brought to Algeria, percussionist Guem grew up playing traditional music and trance rhythms from an early age. His family soon initiated him into the secrets of the diwan–ceremonies where many of the participants enter a state of trance. The influence of […]

La Tropa Loca: S/T

I originally bought this record because of the guy in the bunny suit. When I lived in Orange County, CA I’d find cool looking Spanish records all day, every day, but they almost always were horrible polka. So, I didn’t have super high hopes for […]