Lounge / Exotica

Space age bachelor pad music.

Diego De Cossio: S/T

Really cool Mexican surf guitar lp on the Dimsa label. Lots of reverb/tremoloed out versions of 60’s pop hits. His version of the Beatles “Michelle” is especially nice. Love the cover too.

Les Nouveaux Jaguards: Pour La Danse

Quebecois record of cartoony guitar instrumentals that I recently got from Danno. Most of the info on the web about these guys leads me to believe they were a “beat-era” group, but this (later) lp sounds very much like one of those wacky-studio-musician-exploit-o type things that were pouring out of labels like Pickwick, Alshire, Design, […]

Tim Heintz: Plays the Yamaha Electone E-70

One of those records that keyboard companies used to fund to show off their new gear – in this case the Yamaha “Electone E-70”. This one is actually quite a fun listen if, like me, your idea of a good time is video-game-core versions of pop songs of the late 70’s. There is a pretty […]

Chim Kothari – Sound Of Sitar

An early “Sitar-sploitation” record on Deram from 1966 which has much more of an MOR pop sound that stuff like Ananda Shankar which would come later. There are two originals on here that are in a Raga sort of mode, but it’s mostly comprised of pop covers of the day. The Sitar is superimposed over […]

Jan Francoys – Chez Bourgetel

I spent fives years searching for marginal Quebecois records and this is one of my favourites from that period. It’s a lounge LP recorded live at “Chez Bourgetel”, the storied Montreal club where in the 70s anybody who was anybody gathered for mirth and mayhem. The record is a mediocre exercise in the day’s lounge […]