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The Teemates – Jet Set Dance Vol.4: Discotheque

There is something that keeps me needle dropping sixties “youth-dancesploitation” LPs. Many of them look pretty tame but often end up hiding some really knock out tracks (many of them also do not, but let’s focus on the positives). Take this example from 1964, intended as a stereo demonstration LP of sorts it has a […]


Vermont AOR dork rock supreme. Like the kind of band you could only hope to be playing at your local roller rink after the disco crowd had moved out. Has to be heard. She’s Just a Memory

Salvashun: the Time Has Come

This album was an unexpected surprise for me. At first glance I was thinking that this Lp was going to be some Xian/Rock nonsense. But since there was a Neil Young cover I began to think better of it. After proceeding to pay the exorbitant amount of .50 cents I took the record home for […]

Paulo de Carvalho – Nao de Costas Mas de Frente

I’ve had this record for some years now and had filed it away with the mental note that it contained some nice songs. Now that I listen to it again I must say it’s really good. Side one suffers from some uneven tracks but side two is nice all the way. A quick internet search […]

Sand Island Band

One of those records that seems too interesting to not add to the site, yet not really interesting enough to say much about. I basically only bought it because the dude on the cover has a lion mullet… and it’s from Hawaii which made it seem kinda exotic. At best it’s fairly crudely rendered AOR […]

Kevin Vicalvi: Songs From Down the Hall

I will begin this with the rather bold claim that this is one of the best 70’s pop records you’ve probably never heard. Which is unfortunate as this independently released 1974 lp can not only hang with any of the revered lesser known major label efforts of time, but surpasses many of them. Quite a […]

The Cactus Rose Project

This local release on Mars Records (that’s a very realistic little red planet Mars in the bottom left hand corner) is a two track wonder first heard at Friends of Sound. Dave said he’d keep an eye open for another one after I had asked what it was. The intro to “Jelly” sounded a lot […]

The Bag – Red Purple & Blue

The Bag were a late sixties blue-eyed soul band from the New York area that made one full length LP for Decca that incorporates enough touches of psych to get mildly sweated by people who collect that stuff. Needless to say the LP sank without a trace upon release. This song is the B-side of […]

Richard Powell – Memories Of GlenIvy

Here’s a great unrestrained real-people hotel-lounge/AOR banger that has probably remained unknown on account of its misleading cover (or I just have terrible taste, which I’m not going to rule out). Richard Powell pens side one himself and leaves side two for covers (Stevie Wonder, Feelings, Get Down Tonight, etc). Side One is the obvious […]

Brian Cullman

Here’s a great lost AOR release from Brian Cullman. Thanks to Dave at Friends of Sound for again appealing to my taste for a poor man’s Al Stewart. This fit the bill quite nicely. Check out the composer himself on the back, pouring a glass of some fine spirit with a flair that’s sets off […]

Teddy & George – The Condor

Teddy Brown & George Hamilton were two refugees from Detroit who trekked to San Francisco in the early 60s. They started singing together in clubs in 1961 & recorded this live album on the Mammoth label in 1963. The show was recorded at the Condor, a nightclub that sat on the corner of Broadway & […]

Jacobs Ladder: If I Had A Wish

Bay area lp that I will tentatively say is interesting. I’m mostly posting this to get “Fist” Goodbody off the home page though… so please forgive me if this is not quite Waxidermy’s finest hour. Anyhow, back sleeve credits seem to allude to this being more of a guy than a band… so I guess […]

Airborne – Songs For A City

You see this cover and it screams private psychedelic folk grail. Look at the naked man playing the guitar, sitting on top of the world and holding a dove. Beautiful. And that is exactly what this album is. However, it is not psychedelic folk. It does have a few CSNY moves, and even a really […]

The Sounds Of Now – The Sounds Of Now

This LP was released in the late 1960s as a promotional album for Fanta soft drink here in New Zealand. I picked it up for a few cents at a thrift store a couple of years ago because one of the guys I work with (Wayne Senior) is listed as having produced/arranged/sang on it. I […]

Simple Image – Spinning Spinning Spinning

One of those frustrating LPs where the music can never live up to the awesome cover art. The Simple Image were a band from Wellington, New Zealand that formed in the mid 60s. This album is their debut from ’68 and the title track was a local number one single. There were a couple other […]

The Avengers – Electric Recording

The Avengers were a local New Zealand pop band of the late 60s. This was their first LP & was released in 1967. They came from Wellington & had the good fortune to hook up with US hippie hitch-hiker Chris Malcolm who went on to write over half of the songs on this record, playing […]

Vision Of Sunshine – S/T

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this little gem a few years ago while digging through box upon box of lp’s at a now defunct local flea market. I remember falling instantly in love with the cover art and I couldn’t wait to get the thing home! I had all these expectations…and let me […]

The Lewis And Clarke Expedition: S/T

Buffalo Springfield-esque folk-rock lp on the RCA subsidiary Colgems. At times this gets just a tiny bit too cheesed out for it’s own good, but the solid tracks more than make up for it. These guys handle folked out trippy sitar stuff and straight ahead fuzzed out rockers equally well. Top-notch production and arrangements as […]

David Hemmings: Happens

Even though I knew what this was when I found it, I didn’t have high hopes for it being good. I figured guy from Blow Up + record that bombed = bogus psych moves. I mean, come on, how good could it be? The guy was an actor! Well, for one, Hemmings has a good […]

Hall & Reasons – Spaceship

As unearthing previously overlooked privately pressed LPs becomes increasingly en vogue, collectors often fall prey to something akin to “needle-drop” syndrome. It’s too often tempting to evaluate a new acquisition with a hasty, if not faulty ear. While this sometimes works unduly in a record’s favor (for example, see the inexplicable fawning over Boscoe by […]

Hear And Now: For The First Time (Terry)

Great California group (I’m assuming) doing covers of Rock, Country, and Gospel tunes. Rocking covers of Hoyt Axton’s “Put Your Hand in the Hand”, and “Joy to the World”, Mason Williams’ “Classical Gas”, CCR’s “Proud Mary”, and Riz Ortolani’s “More” are just some of the great tracks on here. Awesome looking cover and I think […]

Dane Sturgeon: Wild ‘n’ Tender

Yet another record that Will Louviere’s Show And Tell site put me up on. This is a hard one to classify. It’s definitely raw enough to appeal to garage or rockabilly enthusiasts, yet it lacks the naive quality of most records of that genre. The mix of crooner vocals with charging overdrive at times reminds […]