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Jeff Moore – The Youngest Son

Along with Bent Wind this is one of the most rare psych/folk lp’s outta Canada. It usually sells for over $1000 so I was excited when this was reissued in a limited print run of 300. From what I can tell it’s a high school […]

Starfire / Starfire

I found an original copy of this rare prog rock item in a Los Angeles thrift shop. It was thrashed but I could tell it was rare so I said what the hey and bought it. Later I got $150 for it despite its G/VG […]

Dave Porter – S/T

Dave Porter is a complex man.

Bhagavan Das – Swaha

Private press hippie commune stuff by guru dude Bhagavan Das. Unfortunately, three fourths of this double lp is the clan “getting their Om on” which I find somewhat less than compelling. I believe it is an honest and respectful attempt at traditional Indian music but […]

Elaine Kibaro – au Soleil

I found this record in Paris last fall for one euro. I nearly flipped when I noticed the Eye of Fatima on the cover (hard to see in the photo but look at her hands). I was convinced that I had scored some amazing French […]

Kobza – S/T

Unfortunately waxidermy lacks the right character set so the title is obviously wrong. This is a Canadian pressing of a Ukranian folk/psych album, however all the information is written in Ukranian so there’s not much I can say. I’ll simply quote a recent ebay description: […]

San Ul Lim – 2

This is top notch psychedelia from a Korean trio who gets the job done: fuzzed out guitar, deep bass, tight drums, organ that never goes wrong, and singing that is absolutely off the chain. The whole thing has a sparse groove with the bass and […]

Bobby Brown – Live

I originally bought this to trade/sell but it eventually grew on me after playing it during a late-night discussion with a special lady. Bobby Brown is a multi-instrumentalist and the ultimate in DIY. This album, whilst saying “Live” on the front, was actually recorded in […]

LSD on Capitol

The menace of LSD on wax! One side is called “the Trip” and it consists of people talking about their personal experiences on acid. The best being a guy who they actually tape recorded having a bad trip. There is about 5 minutes or so […]

The Folklords – Release the Sunshine

Folk-psych mends an aching heart. Granted, too much will make you lactate (or so I’ve been warned), but a little is good medicine. I suppose everybody knows about this record by now, but because I just discovered it and I think the cover art is […]

Search Party – Montgomery Chapel

I try not to get too carried away with featuring records that I have never owned, but I will probably never ever ever own this one, so whatever. If knowing that I do not actually own an original pressing of this hinders your enjoyment of […]

Hellers – Singers…Talkers…Players…Swingers… & Doers

Apparently this dude Heller owned an ad agency and did jingles and stuff, and some of the more tepid tracks on here have a corny sort of jingle feel to them. But, the hot tracks fall somewhere between Dick Hyman’s Moog experiments & “soft psych” […]

Live At Pangaea One

Don’t know the group’s name on this one as it isn’t listed anywhere. Here’s the lineup though, John Gruntfest, Weldon McCarty, Richard Festinger and Joseph Sabella. This is a wayout avant jazz record, to give you an idea here’s some instuments played on this album: […]

The Tuba Trio – Essence-The Heat and Warmth of Free Jazz

The Tuba Trio consists of Sam Rivers, Joe Daley and Warren Smith. As you can see by the picture, this was recorded live at the Bim Huis in Amsterdam in 1976. Surprisingly the tuba sounds great in the free improv setting. I really dig Sam […]

Mobius & Plank – Rastakraut Pasta

Crazy electro-reggae, which sounds kinda scary, but everything is right about this lp. It’s hard to explain, but it really does sound like all of the goodness you could hope to expect from Cluster playing strange reggae and stuff. Such an awesome record! [Audio clip: […]

Master Wilburn Burchette’s – psychic meditation music

This record consists of two 18 minute cosmic new age tracks entitled “yin” and “yang”. From the liner notes: Observe and become aware of the music as a flow of pure feeling. Allow the music to touch you so that you may feel and become […]

Witthuser & Westrupp – Trips & Traume

While it seems every piece of crap is is being called “psych/folk”, this truly is psychedelic folk music. This German folk duo who recorded a few lp’s on the German OHR label started out playing normal European folk music, until, from what I’ve read, were […]


Bay area psych funk with a hard rocking rhythm section, wailing, wah-ed out guitars, and bombastic horns. The more I listen to this album the more I wonder if this was a Christian group. Found it in a four for a dollar box 6 months […]

Jan and Lorraine – gypsy people

One of my favorite femme psych lp’s for sure. Definitely worth seeking out in my opinion.

Emerald Web – dragon wings and wizard tales

Wow! Moogs and flutes galore! Under the radar new age record outta Connecticut circa 1979. Great with a cup of tea on a Sunday morning or for late night mellow listening. Emerald Web: “Flight Of the Raven”