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Nichelle Nichols – Dark Side of The Moon + Beyond Antares

Nichelle Nichols is best known for her role as Lieutenant Uhura in the original Star Trek TV series from the late 1960’s.  She followed her Trek co-stars William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy into the recording business in 1968 with an LP titled “Down To Earth” for Epic Records, which was re-issued on CD by Rev-Ola […]

Kimene: Cicek Pasaji

So I have this Turkish friend (not a record dude at all) from Istanbul that brings me random records whenever he comes to the states to visit his brother (a colleague of mine). I usually don’t get my hopes up too high for very good reason, as I have received more Turkish pressings of Salt […]

Brothers Reborn – Brothers Reborn

This appears to be a fairly obscure release from the Kent label. Two brothers, Raphael and Ramon Velez front a loungey/soul band in this set of mostly original tunes with a few covers thrown in. The band is really tight throughout with great bass and drum work and the horn section is blazing. Recorded at […]

Shelly Dane: Sage & Satin

I’ve been meaning to post Shelly for a while now. I don’t know what the story on this dude is aside from the fact that there is a sick “cat on piano” photo of this “composer” on the back and he gives a shout out to L. RON, whom he bears a striking resemblance to.

Fris Sranang – Gie Mie, Mie Lobie/Sabana

Here’s one of my all time favorite 45’s from my collection, and probably the only cracked record I keep in the collection. It’s a Surinam single, pressed in Holland in 1978. The band name Fri Sranang is a combination of the Surinam creole language Sranang Tongo and Fri, which, I’m guessing, must mean free. Fri […]

Maori Volcanics – Live

Maori showbands have a pretty deep history stretching back over the last 50 odd years. Essentially a touring review style band incorporating at times an almost variety show-like review. Many of these bands found success all over the world and toured relentlessly and also released a few records while they were at it. The Maori […]

Spring Concert ’67

I’m pretty sure I originally bought this because it had a rather crudely hand decorated back cover with ancient pictures of school girls and a birthday inscription of some sort. It was in rough shape so I probably justified the purchase by telling myself I could always give it to a friend who I tend […]

Soonkay Lisa: What I Want Out of Life / Give Me All Your Love

This perky little 7″ was one of my choice finds from a guy selling records out of his garage in Cottonwood, Arizona last year.  Interesting artist name, pink Hawaiian label, great titles — sounds promising, put it in the pile, it’s worth a try.  Didn’t take long after setting the needle down to realize that […]

Various Artists: Made in Leverkusen

I was born in Cologne/Germany. Although Cologne is widely in peace with the cities surrounding it, there is however a strong rivalry with the neighbouring city of Leverkusen. Naturally, as a loyal citizen of my hometown I share this sentiment. This is fairly easy since Leverkusen is indeed a pretty boring city mainly consisting of […]

New Zealand Jazz Orchestra – s/t

This 1973 LP is a product of a “workshop” styled big band which was put together in Wellington by American Frank Diliberto. The album itself tries to cover a few too many different styles of Jazz to be a consistent listen from front to back, but there are definitely some great moments. Diliberto directs the […]

Vikki Styles – Tears Won’t Stop Falling

Here’s a cool 45 that is a product of the headache inducing labyrinth of entangled record labels out of Greenville Mississippi in the mid-late 1960s. The fact that this is such a direct bite of Darrell Banks’ massive “Open The Door To Your Heart” seems audacious & probably is. Vikki Styles released just two (possibly […]

Die Laumäckse – Jazz geht’s los

“Die Laumäckse” was a school band from the small german town named Koblenz. I picked this album up at a local flea market. Although I had never heard of the record I gave it a try as one of the cover versions they do on there is a interpretation of a Mombasa song (German afro-funk […]

Moze Henry – Joy To The World / Love It Or Leave It

Who says a guy in the middle of the woods can’t lay down a solid funk track? Listen and enjoy! “Joy To The World” [Audio clip: view full post to listen] “Love It Or Leave It” [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Nancy – Like You Do

Not completely sure what this song has to do with POW’s, but I’m really feeling it. Yet another nice track in the vein of country funk. Enjoy! Like You Do [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Spooky – Digital Readout/Shake That Thang (Thunder Thumbs)

Crunchy, lumbering outsider analog synth funk perfection. Created by the mysterious Spooky in 1984 in someplace called Warner Robins, GA. I need more of this kind of thing in my life. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Fred E. Scott – ‘Journey Within’

Unique ‘afro-synth’ 45 out of Detroit on the Natural label – engineered by Detroit bluesman Bobo Jenkins – likely at his own studio on Joy Road. Jenkins had a long history in the Detroit music scene – stretching back to ‘Democrat Blues’ on Chess (1954). By the 70’s he was producing artists for his own […]

Poly Rythmo De Cotonou – Zero + Zero = Zero

I think Frank’s travel and digging reports played quite a role for my growing interest in West African music. I always liked the mixes he put online but at the same time I was not too confident to ever find any of these records as I don’t live in Western Africa and I don’t have the […]

The Impossibles – Stage show

“Stage Show” is a great funk album by the well known Thai band The Impossibles who recorded the classic “Hot Pepper” album in Sweden. This album includes various interpretations of classic American funk tunes done in a Thai style. The recording is super low budget and the sound quality might remind you of your last […]

Ivo Nilakreshna – Tegakkan Sembahyang

I’m not sure if this record was made in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia. What makes it noteworthy is the funk track Rukun Islam. I can’t understand the language but it’s dealing with Allah and Muhammad. The chorus is cool, the refrain is lush. The male la la la chorus makes it somewhat trippy. There’s more good […]

Troubled Mind – I’m Good For You

The Troubled Mind(s) were a late 60s band that started off in Napier, New Zealand around 1966/67 and then moved to Auckland around July 1967. The band seems to have disbanded shortly after releasing this, their third and final 45 in February 1969. Their earlier stuff covered more of a traditional 60s R&B style and […]

Ersen – Cakmagi Cak

Before I went to Istanbul in 2007 to study there for half a year I did some research about record stores in Istanbul. One Ebay seller from Turkey who I asked for info just moved from Istanbul to Ankara so he was so kind to share his knowledge of good spots with me. While some […]

The Exotic – Title Unknown

The Exotic is one of my favorite finds I ever made in Asia. Except one track it’s mainly a Thai pop album with some obscure and even psychedelic moments that unlike many other Thai albums you can listen to all the way through. The stand out track though is a raw funk track with Thai […]

Fuesuen Oenal – Alo Ben

Fuesun was a well known turkish pop star back in the seventies. Most of her music might not appeal to many nowadays but this album has the great funk track “Ayyy Kacma” on it. While digging in Turkey ain’t that easy unless you want to spend serious money i found this LP for cheap in […]

Bangkok 17 – I’m Somebody

I found this two years ago in Bangkok and bought it because of the cover and the name of the band. I was positively suprised when I first listened to it at home. While the two songs on side a of the 7″ are quite cheesy side b offers 2 great interpretations of well known […]

Little Buck – Little Boy Blue / Everybody’s Love

New Orleans based label Seven B is definitely something of a mixed bag & can usually be categorised as 45s Eddie Bo was involved with & ones that he had no part of. Finding 45s on this label will either land you with unbearably cheesy country, slightly more tolerable piano instrumentals or some of the […]