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Richard "Dimples" Fields – it’s finger lickin good

Here’s a really nice double lp on Dat Richfield Kat from 1973. Richard’s vocals are very reminiscent of Stevie Wonder’s to my ears. The album kicks off real nice like with the funky tune “Welcome to the cold duck”. The next few songs are nice […]

Mokie J.J. and R.O.B. – speed of light

Of course the cover grabbed my attention when I saw this one. This is a funky soul lp on the small private label Sun Moon and Stars outta Hollywood, CA. circa ’72. My favorite tracks on this are “maybe”, “beverly” and “forgotten”. To be honest […]

9th Creation: Love Crime EP

I’m going to go ahead and declare this the greatest modern soul record to ever come out of Stockton, California, based solely on the frenzy my listing it on eBay caused over the course of five days. On the first day, several hours after listing […]

Shades of Joy: Music of El Topo

One of my favorite soundtracks ever! And a somewhat confusing record. First, there are two versions – the film score on Apple (which I hear is to be avoided) and this bay area jazzfunk jam “inspired by the film” by the Shades of Joy on […]

Bobby Williams – funky superfly

Hi, my name is Bobby. When I’m not climbing trees and posing in front of my copter, I make funk music that sounds just like James Brown. I also dress just like him, hell I even look just like him. File under: wanna be Godfather […]

Andrew White – fonk update

This was recorded live in Washington D.C. at the “One Step Down” Oct. 12th-14th 1979. Side one starts off with the three part “who got de funk?” Some pretty swingin funky jazz, even starts off with a drumbreak if that’s your thing. Side two Andrew […]

Howard Wales: Rendezvous with the Sun

Howard Wales is probably best known for his association with the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia. But, he also stepped quite firmly on the terra firma of jazz funk via his playing on “Music of El Topo”, and with this private solo lp from 1976. […]

The Lovelites: With Love from the Lovelites

Everything about this record is right…

Leon’s Creation – This is the Beginning

Leon’s Creation hail from San Fransisco, they released this album on the small Studio 10 label. I think some people have a misconception that this is a funk record, I would classify it more as psychedelic soul ala Sly and the Family Stone. This is […]

The Sons of Truth – A Message From The Ghetto

Here’s one of my favorite gospel records. This came out in 1972 on The Gospel Truth label, which was a subsidiary of Stax. Every track on here is very soulful, definitely keep an eye out for this one. The Sons Of Truth: “Give It Up”

Hunt’s Determination Band – This is Determination Problems

Here’s a private press disco funk lp outta Michigan on the small Ear Wax label. My two favorite tracks on this one are “I got my nut” and “where the funk come from”. I like this typo in the liner notes also- “It’s an unbelievable […]

Cozy Eggleston – Grand Slam

Heres a rare private press funky jazz record outta Chicago circa the late sixties. Cozy on tenor backed up by just a drummer and an organ player so its pretty stripped down. Has a smoky nightclub feel to it for sure. Killer stuff!

The Soul Cop – too many nites

Heres an oddball private soul record from 1976. I’d say its about half good and half mediocre. Worth the price of admission for the cover though, the soul cop with a lollipop!

Steve Halpern – Christening for Listening

Kind of a confusing record ’cause there are two nearly identical versions, but one is missing the best track “Something For Every-Body Suite”. For the most part though, both versions are almost identical to Halpern’s classic “Spectrum Suite”, which can surely be found in a […]

Larry T and the Family: I’m Moving On

I like this record more every time I listen to it, and I listen to it a lot. And I really, really liked it the first time I heard it! Bay area soul/funk with a “real people” edge that really takes it one step beyond. […]

Port Authority Soul Band – Together

While by far the best Port Authority lp, it’s still only about half good. But, the good half is pretty killer! There are about three good uptempo funk tracks with femal vocals that almost remind me of the Dap Kings, a decent instrumental, and my […]

La Tropa Loca: S/T

I originally bought this record because of the guy in the bunny suit. When I lived in Orange County, CA I’d find cool looking Spanish records all day, every day, but they almost always were horrible polka. So, I didn’t have super high hopes for […]


Bay area psych funk with a hard rocking rhythm section, wailing, wah-ed out guitars, and bombastic horns. The more I listen to this album the more I wonder if this was a Christian group. Found it in a four for a dollar box 6 months […]

Soul Generation – Beyond Body and Soul

Fantastic sweet soul record from 1972. One of those records that’s a great listen from front to back. Real headz know the deal.

Hoctor – “Jazz in Focus”

Definitely one of the better Hotor lp’s out there. As with most of these dance records, there isn’t any info given as to players, arrangers, etc. I seem to remember reading somewhere that some of these tracks were done by Allan Tew (the library dude) […]