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Tim Clark – The Last Question

Ambient / Electronic composer Tim Clark started his career in the early 1970’s composing Moog synthesizer soundtracks for Planetarium shows at the Strasenburgh Planetarium in Rochester, New York.  According to the liner notes on this privately-pressed LP, Clark was the Music Director at the Strasenburgh, […]

Eugen Thomass – Scarabea OST

A rare 7inch EP on Hans Wewerkas tiny Austrian Inmus-Label. It’s the soundtrack to Hans-Jürgen Syberberg’s Tolstoi adaptation “Scarabea – Wieviel Erde braucht ein Mensch”. Syberberg is one of the most obscure and controversial german independent moviemakers. Due to his neo-conservative and nationalistic views he plays […]

Bojan Adamia – Maskerada

This is the soundtrack to the Slovanian film MaÅ¡kerada (Boitjan Hladnik). The film was made in 1971, but was banned and only shown years later in 1984, apparently due to the explicit sex scenes that it contains. Anyway, the tripped out psychedelic “song” Hippy on the A-side of the 45 […]

William McCauley – Ontario

This is a nice little obscure 7″ flexi record containing the soundtrack to a film called “Ontario”. I guess it was a promotional documentary of sorts from around 1970, highlighting this and that of the province. Films like that usually ooze loads of period charm […]

Edward Williams – Music for Life on Earth

“Life on Earth was a groundbreaking television natural history series made by the BBC in association with Warner Bros. and Reiner Moritz Productions. It was transmitted in the UK from 16 January 1979. I chanced upon this in a local thrift shop for a golden […]

Baquen! – Sensational Sound of Screen Music

It took me a while before I noticed the pink female torso holding a gun underneith Sean Connery’s posterized face. The lack of priorities and absence of focus on this cover is somehow exemplary for the record itself. Some cool and some uncool tunes have […]

Impossible Theater and John Schneider – Social Amnesia

Just over a hour and twenty minutes long, this double lp from 1986 is the soundtrack to the Impossible Theater’s performance of their “live movie” Social Amneisa. The soundtrack is made up of the majority (if not all) of the dialouge from the performance as […]

Les Charlots – L’allumeuse des vrais berberes

What side you on?

Starlight Children’s Chorus: E.T., I Love You & Other Extra-Terrestrial Songs For Children

With all the spin-off merchandise that comes with the success of a major motion picture, there’s bound to be some schlocky knockoff, and this is one of the weirdest ones I’ve ever seen. The title song, “E.T., I Love You“, one of two listenable and […]

The Wombles – Keep On Wombling

The moment I saw the trippy psych/kiddie album cover, I knew I had to buy this record, and I’m sure glad I did. The Wombles are an H.R. Pufnstuf meets The Muppets children’s television and book series from the UK with a mission: they’re all […]

Mike Curb – Mary Jane OST

Fairly decent psych / pop soundtrack for this 1968 drugsplotation film. Going by the cover art alone you’re almost guaranteed at least a couple good listens on here. I’ve never seen the film but from what I’ve read at IMDB it sounds pretty bad (meaning […]

Lee Gagnon – Jeremie

Jeremie was a Quebecois ballet scored by Lee Gagnon. It is a known and sought-after jazz-funk album with plenty of wha-wha and breaks (nobody ever seems to mention the nice mellow folk parts on the album though). However, I’m not here to talk about this […]

Jerry Butler and Jerry Peters – Melinda

PRD-0006 ST – Melinda- Original Soundtrack (Jerry Peters) [1972] Jerry Butler and Jerry Peters team up to compose this beautiful soundtrack. The record is produced and arranged by Jerry Peters! -This is the second Soundtrack on Pride. Before Melinda, Pride released PRD-0005ST – Thing With […]

Roy Budd – Fear Is The Key

Composed by R. Budd, produced by Jack Fishman, PYE Records 1972 Roy Budd’s finest soundtrack (file under: drama-jazzy-orchestral-70’s-action-crime-thriller) based on Alistair MacLean’s novel. Novel first published in 1961, issued in Fontana Books in 1963. This record is best known for this (10 minutes) track called […]

Ennio Morricone – Un Uomo da Rispettare

Here’s the soundtrack of an Italian made thriller from 1972 directed by Michele Lupo (title translates to A man to Respect). The highlights on here are two jazz instrumentals which are a change of pace from the dark orchestral, semi-avant garde main theme. “L’incarico” is […]

Love Minus One (Margabi)

This is a soundtrack from 1971, performed by Denny Vaughn and anonymous Los Angeles based session musicians, to an obscure Love Story-esque film. It also was recorded shortly before the Canadian, Glen Miller-associated bandleader died. The sountrack is all over the place, from a fuzz […]

Victor Tschoutschkov and Georgi Genkov – All over the world

“Suite from the original music of the seven coproduction films of the Bulgarian and Hungarian red cross societies.” Composers Victor Tschoutschkov and Georgi Genkov did an excellent job on this soundtrack for several Red Cross documentaries and educational films from the sixties. This is something […]

Michael Small: Klute OST

“Hens teeth rare” soundtrack that was allegedly pressed illegitimately from the get go. And believeably so – as originals are unbanded and notoriously shoddily pressed. I have heard this dismissed as a “two tracker”, but it’s about as a good as any soundtrack I’ve heard […]

Shades of Joy: Music of El Topo

One of my favorite soundtracks ever! And a somewhat confusing record. First, there are two versions – the film score on Apple (which I hear is to be avoided) and this bay area jazzfunk jam “inspired by the film” by the Shades of Joy on […]