Weird / Neat Covers

This category is devoted to weird, cool, interesting cover art on records that might otherwise be not so interesting.

Larry Page and his Orchestra – Waltzing to Jazz

Honestly, don’t even waste your time taking the record out of the sleeve and playing it. The music is nothing special. Your standard 60s easy listening jazz cheese-fest. I’d be willing to go as far as to say it is horrendous. The cover on the other hand, is pretty great. Horace Grant wants his Rec […]

Frank Rocco – Audio Therapy

Spoken word LP for those looking to shed a few pounds through the use of “progressive relaxation.” It is pretty self-explanitory and I probably shouldn’t waste any time discussing it. Basically the dialogue is this: “You will relax.” “You will relax more.” “You will relax more and more.” (etc) I am willing to bet that […]

Liz Lyons – up your ass

I found this gem for a dollar years ago at a thrift store in Canada. Worth it for the cover alone. The lp is just a filthy comedy record recorded live at club morocco. Sick stuff indeed.

Masaaki Hirao

Asian Elvis dude smiles pretty for the camera. Great version of Little Richard’s “Lucille”. I honestly can’t tell if he’s singing it in broken english, or Japanese, or both.

Faith For Today Quartet – Choose Ye

That wacky Jesus is at it again! Here he is stopping a man in the middle of the road & using the bible to convince him to run off & leave his wife & family. If you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times.


Chabelo looks like he’s been wearing that outfit since he was about 8 years old, and it just kinda stretched out over the years to accommodate his adult body. And check out the guns! Chabelo is ripped! His sandwich is made of a meat I do not recognize. Headcheese, maybe?