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Gertrude Behanna – God Isn’t Dead!

Here is the “highly personal story” of Mrs. Gertrude Behanna, a story of alcohol, drug addiction, three broken marriages and attempted suicide. Just look at Gertrude, doesn’t she exude the aura of misbehavior and a youth gone wild?! But who am I to know. Maybe […]

Linda Rich: There’s More To Living Than I Know So Far

Linda Rich’s first lp on the Chicago based IVR label from 1969 is an amazingly beautiful set of original xian folk-pop. Outstanding sparse production, excellent songwriting, and Linda’s understated, yet confident vocals make this a record that reaches way beyond any kind of novelty factor […]

Lost & Found Dept – Let’s Just Praise The Lord

This record comes with pretty much everything you could ask for in a Private Press Gospel album. There’s the ugly chicks, long haired dudes, tubby inbred looking dudes and a bus within which to travel and spread the word. Just as well then that there’s […]

Frank Lynch: A New Look At Life

Records with low budget duo-tone covers pressed by high schools with Christian kids sporting acoustic guitars pretty much haunt me in my dreams now. So, yeah, I got a full on boner when when I found this. I even like green. And it’s from Canada […]

Leo Nestor: Sons of the Morning

Impressive Christian folky stuff with some trippy electronics on a couple of tracks. A lot of its gets a bit same sounding, but it’ll definitely appeal to fans of mellow stuff like the Guitar Ensemble, etc. The tracks with electronics really make you wonder how […]

Marj Snyder – A Time of Peace

Marj Snyder is seventeen years old and a junior at San Lorenzo Highschool in Felton, California. She lives in the beautiful community of Mt. Hermon, which is located in the Santa Cruz mountains. She has sung extensively for Young life week-end camps and clubs, numerous […]

Laura-Beth Cinquini – The Mystery of His Love

Laura-Beth desires to honor and glorify God by singing of His infinite love. Simple and pure are these songs which speak of His plan and promises. As a believer in them, Laura-Beth considers the verses from Isaiah 12 to be the focus of life. “Be […]

Sisters of the Society Devoted To The Sacred Heart – You Are My Friend

This is from a group of accoustic guitar playing nuns from Los Angeles who sing about friendship and Jesus. I really like the cover with the design and clashing colors. The sisters are still active in missionary work according to their website. I take it […]

Los Christians: s/t (Dicesa)

Latino Xian Rock and covers. I know nothing about this group. I’m sure you can find some stuff on the web. This record has a few nice cuts like “Los Reyes Magos” which rocks out, a terrific cover of Tom Jones’ “Ella Es Una Dama” […]

The Knieriem Sisters – I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today

I found this little gem in a Salvation Army in South Central PA. Obviously, I was attracted to the cover, but The Knieriem Sisters turned out to be a pretty amazing duo. Their single, ‘I’ve Never Loved Him Better Than Today’ is by far the […]

Pax Quartet – Chantez un Chant Nouveau

To continue in the Xian section, here is a french one: The Pax quartet, not really famous but quite prolific. It’s not just Church songs it’s also very jazzy, the orchestra is conducted by Christian Chevallier who was also known for his works with library […]

Truth of Truths – A Contemporary Rock Opera

Yeah, there were a bunch of these “rock opera” records back in the early 70s, but how many can you name with Jim Backus playing the part of God? That’s right, as if Thurston Howell III and Mister Magoo weren’t enough, he also has “Creator […]

Sufi Choir: S/T

From 1973 this is the first record by this quasi-eastern, quasi-religious, Bay area ensemble. I’m not exactly sure what the function of the Sufi Choir was, but they sound like a cross between a high school choir, and a hippy commune jam session. Don’t let […]

The Khalsa String Band – S/T

This is a really nice, mellow hippie/folk album. Information on the internet was scarce, so I’d be happy to learn more. From what I could gather, the Khalsa String Band was comprised of Sikh’s living in America and Americans won over to the Yogi craze […]

Phoenix Sonshine – Shinin' in the Light (Destiny)

This is a Corona Del Mar, California, based Christian folk-rock album circa 1971. The Phoenix Sonshine are a quartet with one female singer and two guitarists on backup vocals. One song in particular that moves me is “Broken Wing”. The first half of the song […]

The Living Word As Quoted By Susie

Possibly the most f*cked up album I own. Listen, but don’t say I didn’t warn ‘ya! This little girl is totally demonic.

Bob Hurd: Bless the Lord

Good private press singer songwriter Jesus man lp from 1976. Low key and acoustic with a sparse, introspective feel on the best cuts. The Christian lyrics do come close to being overbearing at times though. One thing I found funny about this record though is […]

PITCH – Our House

P.I.T.C.H. (People In The Crowd Harmonists) and S.P.I.C.E. (Spreading Peace In Crowds Everywhere) were a group of about 256 Christians from St. Albert, Alberta. From what I know, this group put out three albums, two with the same cover (Spice – Choice Selections has the […]

Jack Walker: Rise Up Spirits

Another cool hippie kids who love Jesus type affair. I’ve had a few other Jack Walker lp’s, but aside from them all having funny (in a deranged sort of way) skits in-between tracks, they were not as musically interesting as this one. Not to say […]

David Wilkerson: The Coming Persecution

Definitely one of the best Christian covers I’ve ever seen. I was hoping the sermon would be a bit more crazed based on the liner notes, but, while Mr. Wilkerson’s prophecies seem pretty radical in print, the way he explains them leaves one wondering just […]

Rev. Dr. O. L. Jaggers: Life

One more guy to look forward to meeting in heaven.

1974 St. Mel’s Choir Concert

This is a recording of a two day concert from a Catholic church in Venice, CA. I like the design of the cross on the front cover. It is revealed on the back cover’s song list, roughly hand-written in green marker, that Ed McMahon narrates […]

The Young Majority – The King Is Coming

“This is the kind of an album that will ‘grow on you’” states the back of the album. Indeed, the album has “that charm”. The Young Majority is a 20-something teen-outfit of Christians from British Columbia covering many popular Christian and pop songs. What makes […]

Inheritance – S/T

The only interesting aspect of this record, aside from its incredibly creepy cover, is that it was produced by Doug McKenzie. Strange Brew indeed! Except the Doug McKenzie that you are thinking about is a fictional character. This album is Canadian and I’ve often wondered […]

Liberty Union – Get Love In

I think the best way to describe this is “family orientated xian psych from Edmonton, Alberta.” The album is interesting because the 12-member group obviously has some talent but seriously lacks in direction. Almost every song has potential: great drumming, organs, multiple male and female […]