Chabelo looks like he’s been wearing that outfit since he was about 8 years old, and it just kinda stretched out over the years to accommodate his adult body. And check out the guns! Chabelo is ripped! His sandwich is made of a meat I do not recognize. Headcheese, maybe?


  • You’ve got some amazing album covers here…I gotta start hitting the thrift shops again.

  • actually, chabelo is a “character” he plays on TV and some music plays. He is like a big young boy. but today he is about 65 years old.. and have a strong voice, he made movies and is a comediant.. its really famous here in Mexico and well known because of his work ..
    that record cover is from about the 80’s i think.

  • me again.. its not European.. is 100% mexican and his real name is Xavier Lopez “Chabelo”
    ” Amigo de todos los niños” (Friend of all the childs” he have a program every sunday from 7am to 11am and his program its going to birth about 25 years ..


  • Me again sorry..
    is a TV program what i just mention.. and.. his music was focus for childs only :P and Believe me is not that lame as barney hehe.. ba bye now

  • wow – thanks for the info, Joan! I assumed it was Italian because that is where this copy was made.

  • Porafavor visten la pagina oficial de chabelo!!!!! jajajajaja
    Chabuelo es todo un viaje:

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