Chandra – Transportation EP

***NOTE: The Chandra EP has been reissued on my new Cantor Records imprint. It is vinyl and digital ONLY and can be purchased through Other Music or my web-site ( The package includes 4 unreleased tracks recorded with the Chandra Dimension as well as a 32-page booklet! ***

I have to thank Waxidermy for this album. This was sold to me after I posted a want ad on the BBS for The Dance’s Dance For Your Dinner EP. The guy who sold me the EP recommended this to me and I gladly bought it. Chandra Oppenheim is a young female vocalist (12 years old when this was recorded) and is backed by The Dance with production from Euginie Diserio on this 4 track EP released on Go Go records in 1980. I was very curious to listen when I was told this. A young girl backed by a post-punk band? What’s the hell?As soon as I dropped the needle total face-melting ensued. I realized very quickly that this could not have been accomplished without the exceptional maturity of Chandra herself. She has completely grasped the nature of the genre at such a young age and compliments it so well. She captures you immediately with her deep and assertive voice, while keeping your attention with her unique writing. On the outside looking in songs about “Kate” (the girl with blond hair) or the frustration of taking the subway may seem extremely juvenile. However, when Chandra tackles them they are transferred into personal anthems.This may be the greatest children’s record I’ve ever heard.Sound clips taken down… sorry. Proper clips soon to come.


  • What a friggin’ catchy record! Now my mind if filled with imaginings of a childhood where kids like Chandra had starred on “Zoom!” and similar PBS ilk. Plus you’ve given me a great “linking” song to spin next to “Subways” by Urban Verbs. Thanks!

  • additionally, besides incredibly adorable, and a completely capable performer, she’s also the daughter of artist dennis oppenheim! what a charmed life!

  • i love the dance and am also dyinggg for this record! when i can cough up the ca$h! what board did you use for your “want” list?

  • a**** is referring to our message board. go check it out

  • Hi!
    I’m looking for The ep Transportation, and thanks to you have already 2 tracks. Is it possible for you to put Opposite and Concentration on line? I would be great! (opposite is my favorite)
    Thank you.
    Ps: is there some other songs existing?

  • i’ve got this record too! found it at a yard sale for 3$, figured it had to be worth it because of the scritti connection. why no one has ever reissued it, is totally beyond me — its a brilliant example of the nyc post-punk/no-wave scene.

  • This is the first time I’ve seen this record mentioned anywhere. I found it for $1 in the local hipster record shop, who had obviously not played it, for they would have realised that it’s worth much more than $1. I bought it as a total mystery purchase, along with about 10 others. This one blew me away – one of the best mystery bargain buys I’ve ever made.

  • Please, i need the other two songs! I need them! Help!

  • i also need the other two songs. please help!

  • Help! I love these 2 tracks, just wish I could get hold of the other 2. Please, to any kind soul out there!!!

  • Please re-post sound clips! THAnks

  • It’s available for download at

  • anyone know where i can get a copy of this?
    i could not find anything on ebay, etc.

    any ideas?

  • I read this review yesterday and by some bizarre coincidence I found this record today. Kinda creeped me out

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for this reissue! I just bought the vinyl edition today, after merely seeing the cover and glancing through the booklet. I’d never even heard of this record before, but that was enough to tell me: YOU NEED THIS.

  • Great label, great release! We actually just interviewed Chandra. Read the rare interview here:

  • Hello all! I’m working with Aaron on a new edition of the Chandra reissue co-released by Cantor Records and her newly launched imprint, Rain Boots Records. If you missed out on a copy of the 2008 pressing of Transportation, it can now be ordered, downloaded or streamed in full here:

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