Cheryl Charles Duo – Rhapsody

Private Lounge Cabaret Electro Act from Huddersfield.  This copy signed, as presumably is every other one, having been sold from a box on stage at the local working mens club to the punters sufficiently emboldened by five pints of mild and a portion of pie and peas to take one home where it was promptly filed next to the Readers Digest Box sets and forgotten about for thirty odd years.  At first glance this has every appearance of being awful but closer listening reveals a certain charm.  The Doctor Who/Empire Strikes back medley is perhaps the obvious crowd pleaser but some of the self penned tracks have an irreducible sense of ennui.  They would have gone down a storm supporting the Fall if they’d lasted long enough.  Currently unsourceable :(

Empire Strikes Back
Stars in his eyes

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  • My copy is autographed by Cheryl and Peter, who I presume is the other half of the duo, s he is not identified anywhere on the album.
    Great medley of war film marches (Dambusters & 633 Squadron) mixed in wit ha little Elgar pomp (but no circumstance). Also, a weird eerie cover of Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” that sounds like they were the British cousins of The Specialists (Who Will Buy).

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