Christopher Tree – Spontaneous Sound

Bearded man plays 150 gongs all by himself.


  • That is an old and very rare recording of my father, sold in the 1960s . Almost “door to door”

  • It’s a great record! If I’m not mistaken, his name does not even appear on this lp. If you have any more info on your father’s music to share here that would be wonderful!

  • WOW!!! I have that record hanging up on my wall. I even have the image of Christopher Tree as the backdrop on my cell-phone. Wow, Jason let me back up hcrink and ask you to share whatever else you can about your father and that record…any records perhaps that are laying around that you want to get rid of???

  • 4.24.2006
    I’m researching Harry Bertoia who made some gongs for Christopher Tree. I want to talk with him. Do you know how I can reach him?
    Mary Thorp

  • There are a few more of his recordings out there, one from the 1970s recorded at the Cathedral Of Saint John the devine in New York. It is in release now. Also a movie by Les Blanc, I think just called “Christopher Tree. Also a more recent CD by Cardis Audio. Christopher is still kicking .

  • I just bought a Gong…Now I need to find the Spontaneous Sound album…I heard Christopher Tree in the 60’s at the Nuart Theatre. We went to his after midnight concerts…He was awesome! So glad to hear that he is still “doing his thing.”

  • Some might be interested in Jens Zygar’s ‘Gongs’.

    Not as varied as Christopher Tree, but interesting. You can hear clips here —

    I hope to find Christopher Tree’s 1998 Cardas recording….

  • Jason,

    Would you please contact me? I am documenting, interviewing, and in some cases filming people who knew Harry Bertoia. I see the last time you wrote on this page is 2006.

    I wonder how to reach you.

    Mary Thorp

  • whoa this is the background to MY CELL PHONE! me and arthur krems are like 7yr twins

  • I helped on documentary movie production lighting of
    a short film we made of a live Christopher Tree performance made at
    Kings (Point ?) State mental hospital, in NY in the late 1960’s ,does anyone
    know who were the other crew members and whereabouts this film
    might be viewed?

    Thanks, M.M.

  • Hi, I work at Capilano University’s music therapy program and am doing a documentary film to celebrate what will be 40 years of MT training. As I look at the origins I’m learning more about the spontaneous music scene in the 1970s and the work here in Vancouver of Christopher – hoping to interview him about that seminal time.

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