Country Comfort – We Are the Children

The kind folks at Friends of Sound here in Austin, TX recommended this to me as a two or three tracker from Hawaii. Fortunately, Country Comfort’s songs sound very similar and it’s more like a four to six tracker. They do a great cover of ‘Make It With You’ and an original called ‘To be Lonely‘, which i’ve included here a juicy appetizer. It reminded me of a certain “FM radio on the islands in the 70s” sound, similar to Kalapana. I was never on the islands in the 70s, but I did live in Southern California in the early 80s when popular culture at least emulated that vibe!

What really attuned my ears to this sound was hearing ‘Lost Again’ by Kalapana on the radio while coming down on the Hana Highway in Maui in 2000. ‘To Be Lonely’ took me right back to that sunset reflecting in my mind’s eye. Mahalo, Dave.


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