Craig Kupka – Clouds

First of all, I’d just like to say that I celebrate this dude’s entire catalog. But, this may very well be my favorite. I believe I once described this to a friend as Brian Eno meets spiritual jazz. Released on Folkways in 1981 or so, this along with it’s sister album “Crystals” was intended as a soundtrack to relaxation. Seriously though, what a tripped out time it must have been when an excellent space jazz record like this was played in a nursing home near you. And I’m sure whatever radio station it was whose call letters are emblazon across the front of my copy are responsible for a good number of head on collisions caused by hypnotized commuters.


  • Craig wants to do reissues or a reissue comp of these so if anyone’s interested they should get in touch with me ( and I will connect you to dude. Real nice guy.

  • i know someone that works at folkways and they might be interested in reissuing these.

  • gtd, I seriously doubt that you actually know someone who works for Smithsonian Folkways, since I’d bet he or she would know that you can get a CD of any Folkways record from them by going to the SF page for the album and… clicking “Buy CD.” You can also get most recordings on cassette and as mp3 files. Smithsonian Folkways doesn’t reissue records in the traditional sense.

    The URL for Clouds is: .

    On a lighter note, I just got this, and it’s a fantastic record! I think I’ll get “Crystals” next…

  • Wow, this guy was my high school jazz band instructor in the late nineteen ninetees. Awesome teacher but I had no idea what his music sounded like until I just stumbled upon this music this evening… Nothing what I would ever have imagined his music to sound like. He is not a relaxed dude. Hot tempered and loud. And the arrangements we played in class were pretty square. This is fantastic.

    “Crystals” is pretty amazing, too.

  • KUNI is the public radio station in Iowa City. Not much traffic, but a strong New Age community at the time.

  • Tell Craig to contact Eric at Mississippi records in Portland. He does lots of reissues and he does a nice job, and they sell like crazy

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