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Crow Johnson – S/T

I got this along w/ 99 other records for 10$ in a bulk box deal that a book store often offers here in town. Her signature drew me in, reading her little comment. She seems really cool; ‘Crow’ still plays and is well-known within modern folk circles. Check out the first two tunes to get a feel, “You Got Me” and “Ridin’ In The Sky“. Strange electric piano sound and rhythm box, great vocals…kinda of like Sly Stone meets Buffy St. Marie!


  • i’m digging “ridin in the sky.” perfect for gazing into the sunset.

  • kidinquisitive

    Gorgeous music, thanks for sharing this. If anyone has a copy to sell me…

  • i’ve been bummin’ for the past couple days (didn’t land that job at jackpot records), but that track “you got me” is really hittin’ the spot right now, one thousand thanks!

  • Dude, what year did this come out? This is good.

  • steventounsand

    it came out in 1980. i’m glad it hits the spot…she’s still active and probably has a website. maybe she has copies left, name of the label is sassafras music.

  • Ridin In The Sky is a pretty song. I’m diggin’ it.

  • Just revisited this and echoing the consensus. Ridin in the Sky is a great tune, sublime!

  • She put out a CD in the early 90s that is buried in one of my seldom listened to stashes…the Buffy Ste Marie reference is pretty on the money. She ran a folk music network during the same period, acting as a catalystr for a lot of people just pre-internet. I remember getting her rag-fanszine for a while until it overwhelmed her music and she gave it up. Nice to see her name again.

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