Diann Franklin – Celebrate (Daystar)

This comes from a live 1983 concert in Baltimore, MD. Musically, this is gospel soul with a ‘modern’ feel to it. “Even So, Come, Lord Jesus”, with it’s Revelations-based lyrics, moves me as she lets her sweet voice really belt it out. Also, for someone who is celebrating, Diann looks a little worried on the cover photo.


  • My daughter somehow found this website and sent it to me. What a surprise! And what a joy to see and hear this! It took me back 25 years. I remember quite clearly the live recording session. It was a GREAT time.

    Since then, I have married, and my life has changed. My husband is a pastor, and I am minister of music at the church. From time to time I pull out some of my old songs and teach them to the choir. They just think they’re new songs! I am still singing, writing songs and recording.

    Thank you for giving me some reflectiong. I am doing now what I was doing then – giving God great praise!

    Be Blessed!
    Diann (Franklin) McMillian

  • Hi Diann, great to hear you are still involved with music, I also found one of your old records recently (possibly the first LP judging by the liner notes), you should put some pictures of them up on your website to honour your back catalog. It’s really great when the artists who made the music find these reviews.

  • Awesome!

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