Don Data and The Rez-Tones

Has anyone seen my beeper?

Welcome to the final frontier. Most lazy diggers wouldn’t have even spotted this in the bins: it is a 6″ flexi disc attached to a 6″ square 2-panel folder. To listen, you just turn it inside out and drop it on the record player.

I first found DON DATA about 5 years ago in a basement store in Minneapolis (that gigantic sprawling mansion with 3 or 4 dealers on different floors–the Record Mall of America?). As it turned out, my naive ears were far from ready to stomach something of this high calibre. Sold it!

You know how some songs stick with you, as much as you’d love to forget them. I had an awful 5 years…waiting…hoping for just one more shot at this nee apparent terd. Now I know, this is some revolutionary shit, so ahead of its time it hasn’t even hit yet. Random Outsider Minimal Synth AOR Modern Boogie Zappa crossover moves Deep (DEEP!) on the Dr. Demento tip. You might as well give up now. I coulda gone category crazy, but let’s face it, those LP groping poseurs won’t be ready to handle 6 inches for another 20 years. Who says size is all that matters? I give you Silicon Valley Guy.


  • This is fire. I want this bad. How rare is this?

  • Total Dr. Demento ish right here!
    Wouldn’t surprise me if these guys were listening to Demento on Sunday nights in the San Fernando Valley before moving up north.

  • Cool. There was another “Valley Guy” outta Fresno by Bobby Volare. This valley guy refered to the Central Valley of California…..Anyway, I’m a sucker for this stuff……

  • This is a fine cover of Zappas “Valley Girl”, if you didn´t allready know so…

  • Wow. Just… wow.

    Anyone got a date for this one?

  • I got a copy of this, good god, at least 25 years ago. I think it’s still at my parents’ house. Thanks for the mp3, kinda cool to hear it again.

  • I just found a copy of this in my old records. I thought it had been tossed long ago. Anyone interested in buying it?
    Let me know….

  • Mike,
    I’d definitely be interested in buying a copy.

  • Email me at bpbridwell at hotmail dot com.

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