Dr. Jacques Hondorus – Within: A Cosmic Odyssey

Fairly cool mystical spoken word record from the “You Institute, Inc.” in Los Angeles, Ca. I’ve had this a few times, but it honestly doesn’t ever get much play. The cover alone makes it pretty worthwhile though…

Here are the doctor’s instructions for preparing to “experience” this album…

1. Allow yourself total privacy (disconnect telephone, etc.)
2. Darken the room.
3. Sit in a comfortable and relaxed position.
4. Place your hands in lap, palms up, thumb and first finger together.
5. Close your eyes; breathe slowly and deeply.


  • RE: Jacques Hondorus – Cosmic Odyssey

    Please…contact me when you can. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you!

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  • WRONG PHONE NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Personally, very important.
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  • Hadn’t heard this name (Jacques Hondorus) in a coon’s age. He was going strong with classes in his Eagle Rock home during the ’60s. As far as psychics go, he was extremely accurate, could tune into minute details about the present and future.

    SMILES, N.

  • Nan…
    You didn’t leave any way to contact. Try: (760) 770-6661, or email me.

  • Aloha, I was happy to find this site. I was a student of Jacques from 1965-1968, a thousand years ago, or so it seems. Do you know when and how he died? I know he was having heart challenges. I’d love to know as I am writing a book, who isn’t? Anyway, I quote him a lot. He was a major influence in my life. I never met anyone, or read anything that he didn’t at least touch upon. I loved him dearly and considerate myself fortunate to have studied with him. Thank you ….

  • My grandmother was a student of Hondi’s (as they apparently called him). She died in 1974. I believe he died a year or two after, maybe later.
    My cousins were cleaning up my uncle’s house and ran across a copy of You News: A Metaphysical Journal, dated June 1975, containing a talk by Hondi, and gave it to me yesterday.

  • I began studying with Jacques in 1969 and did so for the next 14 years.I was in the same group as Mike Patton, David Lear and Jeff Grady. He was a very unique person and gave me tools to go within.I had many “Aura Readings” from him and he was right on.He was a big fan of Neva Dell Hunter. I was at Eagle Rock and also at the latter Brentwood CA location.We developed an inner group that went beyond his normal public classes and his public classes were deep.Positive negative and passive thinking all the way up to astral travel. He covered it all and that is a great foundation to have. Thank you DR.J.
    Ted Munda
    PS: This album was on AKASHIC RECORDS and I came up with the name.David Lear Produced the album.A fun time

  • I studied with the good doc in the late 60’s – early 70’s in a ucla office in westwood. amazing times. that recording was pretty influential in my world. nice to read these posts.


  • i just bought a pamphlet on Numerology from Jacques Hondorus at my local library for $0.25 and was wondering who he was. Wikipedia and goodle don’t have that much information about him. It seems to me that He should have a page/enter in Wikipedia. if someone can email to me a 1 page kind of bio I am willing to create the wikipedia page. send it to cosqullas@hotmail.com

  • There is a “White Brotherhood”. It’s being enlivened today boy Pluto (the Divine Feminine) in the sign of Capricorn, Jacques Sun Sign. Jacques was a Maverick Teacher whose real gift was to kpoint the way of each soul onto it’s path of being, whether it be Rudolph Steiner, Self Realization Fellowship-a unique artist path or the gift of being a business person…all were right paths. Jacques, most of all, never wanted to creat a cult, he was to me, like Johnnie Appleseed who would say “here is a tool (Meditation) use it and be free. WELCOME BACK JACQUES…it’s a time of holding the light in the midst of a changing World. I would like to thank Nancy Dickerson for introducing me to Jacques.
    Diana Jacobs Tracy

  • I studied with Jacques from 1968 to 1977, the year of his transition. I still here his voice saying “according to the Aura”….as he would begin his karmic reading. His Wednesday night Meditation classes were precious to me a then 23 year old young adult. I still have all his lessons and many pictures from those times. I was Editor on the very last edition of the You News in August of 1977. At the end of every meditation he would say….”never let the Sun go down without helping someone, somewhere somehow and so let it be”.
    Linda Jacobs Forde

  • Correction to Diana Jacobs Tracy’s comments.
    White Brotherhood should read White Light Brotherhood.

  • Any info would be great to know. He was my Grandfather..

  • I was his student for over 13 years and have created a Jacques Hondorus page on my facebook warrenstagg@hotmail please join and add your comments.Those that knew him loved him. I know I do.

  • Please visit the Dr. Jacques Hondorus Appreciation Page on Facebook.


  • In the 1973 documentary titled “Manson,” Jaques Hondoras was mentioned as someone who had warned one of his ‘students’ Sharon Tate to leave her home and not to return. Hondoras was also a mentor to the director of that documentary, Robert Hendrickson.

    This mirrored what a man named Vern Plumlee (a confidant of Charles Manson) had stated, as well as the lone survivor of the murders (who was living in the guest house) William Garretson. Vern said that he was told that Sharon was asked to leave and Garretson said that a man in a car told him to leave, and to make sure everyone is gone from the home.

    This made me want to learn about Hondoras and info on him isn’t the easiest to come by.

  • In late 1960s, as a teenage seeker, I joined JH’s meditation at a room in his home in greater Los Angeles; while Jacques spoke I felt a distinct etheric energy fill the room; it caused an other-worldly sensation within allowing me to stretch beyond physical plane.

    Even though I had no doubt of the high and good being JH is, I discontinued attendance because of my already following a valuable spiritual practice called Subud; it was not necessary to do both. Although I did not mention this to him, Jacques acknowledged, without words, that this was our last visit, just before my departure.

    My sister and her friends told me that JH is a Melchisidek Priest. …Can anyone reading this elaborate on what s/he knows about this aspect of Jacques Honduras?

  • Jacques Hondorus also told ME he was a Priest of the Melchizedek Order. And it might have been 1964 that he won a national title as best metaphysical speaker in a national conference, I believe, in New Mexico. He had the ability to tune in to very remote and minute areas of a person’s present and future. He was taken to India as a gifted boy or young man. Told me a constrictor fell or came down from a tree and started wrapping him. I was then dubious about that because I’d just returned from diving for diamonds in jungle rivers of British Guiana- being enamored of the adventurous life – and thought at the time he might be trying to impress me. Had a line of photos of famous actors of the late 30s and 40s in his Eagle Rock hallway with inscriptions thanking him. I took courses , including advanced, from him in his old, wooden ramshackle house (would be interested in obtaining copies of his advanced lessons which someone discarded way back in 1970). Back in the early / mid 60s, there were other good psychics and such I went to like Dr. Darius in Venice; a Japanese healer in “Little Tokyo” of Los Angeles, Dr. Wada, who taught Tibetan esoteric breathing exercises followed by a round table discussion. Dr. Hondorus told me, through multiple readings over time, a ‘zillion’ items of information about myself which either were true then or, through the years, became fact. You could say something in your mind and he was able to tell it back to you. Unnerving. Free with his money, he sometimes took a carload of young men to Vegas. I had no interest in L.V. but accepted his offer for dinner. Another thing he told me was that the guru-disciple relationship was not for him. People in other comments mention a familiar phrase of his that they remember. I can hear him say (including the inflections), “Oh you do, do you?!” with a wry smile.

  • Many thanks, Art, for detailed reply. …We’re here in this world for such a short time anyway, so that inner teachers like Jacques H. serve a noble purpose in reminding us not to forget our eternal selves.

  • Studied with Jacques from ’67 thru early ’71 – was classmate with David Lear, Warren Stagg, Diana Jacobs (Tracy), Ted Munda & many more. Jacques’ teachings were invaluable & have remained as an intrinsic part of my being for nearly 50 years. If anyone out there has copies of his printed lessons, I’d truly appreciate a scanned email copy of any of them – unfortunately, my copies disappeared somewhere along the line amongs my many moves (I’ve lived in Thailand for the past 8 years). A huge HELLO to Warren (remember when I subbed as your restaurant chef for a week or so?), Diana (searched for you many times, but didn’t know about the “Tracy” addition), Ted, David (Lear), and any other fellow acolytes who may read this post. Would love to hear from any or all of you.

  • Correction – I believe I began studying with Jacques in ’66 rather than ’67… not quite sure, since it’s been NEARLY 50 YEARS!!! Best to all.

  • If any of you remember me, I’d really like to hear from you. My email: gyraphe@yahoo.com.

  • Testing 123, testing 123 – Sounds like many of us were blessed to have known him.
    Could never figure out why he bought that little Corvair. Maybe he wanted to be tested.

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