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Electronic Age – Modern Science, Space & Mystery

Absolute classic as far as avant garde/electronic library records are concerned. A number of Studio G regulars are on this LP, all of whom display a deep appreciation for tape delay, distortion, warbling synths, and minimal ‘space age’ electronics. If there were ever a soundtrack to everyday space station living in the 22nd century, this would be the one.


  • I love the cover on this one!

  • keith fullerton whitman

    neat! i just received one of the dubravko detoni studio g library records & its off da chizain…

    is there an annotated discog. of studio g online somewhere? would love to know what i’m looking for…

  • hey keith — cool! is that “avant garde” ?
    unfortunately i don’t think there is any discog of studio g lps online..

  • I just lost that Avant Garde one on eBay last week or so. Looked cool. I cry.

  • I found this LP ten years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. It should be digitized for everyone to hear!

  • curious how this might sounds. as this recs seem rare as hen’s teeth with few chances of picking one up i’d appreciate a Mp3 sample very much too.
    the Logo with the Waveform seems familiar and i have to check my Moog recs…

  • this record is awesome.

  • Hi,
    I’ve seen this LP around but do you think I could get a listen?
    NOPE!! gawd!! I wish it was on CD If any of you put it on CD I’d gladly shell out for it. I’ll pay what ever you want to ask for it.


  • Martin

    Before when I typed Studio G Space age,I came across this link http://rapidshare.com/files/138601608/ELECTRONIC_AGE_MP3.rar.html

    I have no idea if it is the studio g album, since i am at work, but when I get home ill try and download it and find out for myself, you might be intrested to know that a compilation of studio g music is due to be released on trunk records.

    I tried typing the same thing into google again but rapidshare site dosen’t come up in the listing this time

    so sorry if I have broken any rules by posting a link to rapidshare and for the ill thought out way I have put all this together

  • I’m still at work but I downloaded the album, the track titles start of suspended in motion, atoms in action – if that sounds about right. I can’t get onto discogs to check for myself.

    I should also point out that it was infact ‘studio g elecronic’ that I put into google link is now on second page.

    I have gotten into discogs and it looks like it is the album your after or at least a copy of it turns out that frederik judd is responsible for half the tracks ( I only point this out since you might be interested to know that he is the guy who dictates a letter at the end of the early dutch electronic music from phillips release on basta music)

    feel free to edit this,

  • Hi Craig,
    Your way was not ill thought out……thanks to you I’ve got the album. I’ve heard about the TRUNK compilation…He’ll let me know when it’s released (it looks good).

    Thanks so much again,


  • Looks like I am a little over two years late, but I am sincerely hoping either Craig, Martin or anyone who was able to grab this obscure gem would kindly re-post the link for this LP as it is now dead. Pretty please? Thanks in advance!


  • Looks like I’m a little over eight years late, but I am also sincerely hoping anyone has the files of this wonderful, heavenly album on their computer and sees my message! Anyone out there who wants to share this with me? I have been looking anywhere for a trace of this album and I can’t find anything… I’m hopeless!

  • Felix, i recommend you use this website http://librarymusicthemes.boardhost.com/index.php
    go to the search option, and search for studio g.

  • … one …two ..three CLEAR!
    “The thread is alive sir”
    The reason still remains that this is a hard to find and a studio g. Can anyone please share a sample/album? discog £50 means that this should not be a stab in the dark. All previous links now gone and i’m hoping, Thanks to you all.

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