Ennio Morricone – Un Uomo da Rispettare

Here’s the soundtrack of an Italian made thriller from 1972 directed by Michele Lupo (title translates to A man to Respect). The highlights on here are two jazz instrumentals which are a change of pace from the dark orchestral, semi-avant garde main theme. “L’incarico” is the first – a slow-moving track that unfortunately only lasts for about a minute and a half. “18 Pari” is my choice of the two however – a hammond-led bossa instrumental which has found its way on a number of different Morricone and Italian soundtrack compilations.

Ennio also gets to show off his avant garde side during “Un Tempo Infinito,” an electronic recording that would certainly provide the necessary aural backdrop for any tension-filled scene. This film is available on DVD (for real cheap on ebay, too) but it’s listed as “The Master Touch,” which was the name it was given for its US release.

18 Pari
Un Tempo Infinito


  • ….just came across your wonderful blog this morning, over espresso and a lingering desire for some Italian soundtrack to go with it…..Your’s is a goldmine, my friend, thank you, you made my morning movie complete!

  • game over

  • the main title theme of this film features on the “crime and dissonance” compilation.”the master touch” is a pretty poor film distinguished by one of the best car chases you’ll ever see in a film.

  • thanks from sountracklover ! great site, great music…

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