Ernst Reijseger / Alan “Gunga” Purves – Cellotape & Scotchtape

The other find from my time in Amsterdam worth presenting.  The sparse list of instruments on the back cover (cello, kalimba, drums, percussion and shakers) intrigued me enough to go for it, and I’m so glad I did.

Cellotape & Scotchtape is the result of five sessions between November 1981 and July 1982 instigated by cellist/composer Ernst Reijseger and drummer/percussionist Alan “Gunga” Purves.  Both are still active in the Amsterdam music scene today, and Ernst has successfully established himself in the film scoring world, most recently with the Werner Herzog documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

Ernst’s cello work is beautiful and varies greatly through the album, from long flowing passages to frenetic free improvisations.  Alan’s contributions are slightly disappointing considering how inventive he can be, but he gets moments to shine, especially on “Drumduet no. 1.”  He keeps a nice pulse throughout the album, helping the pieces lean more towards experimental jams than all-out free jazz freak-outs.  Hell, “Rekwela” is downright catchy.

A highly recommend release from this small Dutch label.  It’s experimental without being aggressive, mellow but unique enough to encourage multiple listens.


More on Ernst Reijseger

A recent album from Alan Purves (you can also find a CD reissue of Cellotape & Scotchtape on this site)

Data Records’ Website


Hear “Shakers & Kalimba”

Hear “Rekwela”

DATA Records, DATA:822

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