Ersen – Cakmagi Cak

Before I went to Istanbul in 2007 to study there for half a year I did some research about record stores in Istanbul. One Ebay seller from Turkey who I asked for info just moved from Istanbul to Ankara so he was so kind to share his knowledge of good spots with me. While some are on every visitors map there was one store quite far away from the center in a dozy rundown shopping mall. The guys selling the records looked exactly like the guys you know from the cover shoots of Turkish records of the seventies and they basically had every Turkish record you might be looking for. Most were too pricey for me but this Ersen 45 was moderatly priced so I bought it.

To me it’s the best Ersen 7″ I’ve ever heard. Booth songs are great. “Guenese don cice”might be the stand out tune due to its incredible drum break intro but “Cakmaki Cag” is a great piece of turkish psychedelic Funk too…


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