FAYGO BOY – Your Kids Member 45

This might have you crawling in peeholes as your cabbage slowly turns to coleslaw. My first experience with ye o fay was on a cold sunny day in georgia. I was sucking on an explosive cuban, thinking ‘any less than 8 and it’s not worth my time.’ But it was worth my time and I remember the time. My kids member was timed. Eight seconds flat. And my member was limber. I remember it like it was easter time. The time I drank Faygo. I came face to face with my humanity on that day and he was all “p’chaw you don’t look so tough.” And we learned a lot about one another. And vegetable oil. Now that I have my own kids I don’t have as many opportunities to drink about Faygo and think about cabbage. As such i posit that “Do You Remember The Time” is not only the greatest recording of the past 68 years, but the greatest single contribution our society has made to society. The lyrics is like soda fountain in my mouth. And there is a breakbeat so short that you can only hear it if you pinch the record all the way down, or maybe up. Or perhaps the pitch is so high that only a dog can hear it whilst standing on another dog at the top of a mountain tree. Drinking Faygo. Oh yes.



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