Freddie Hubbard/Ilhan Mimaroglu: Song of Songmy

Crazy record that probably scared Freddie Hubbard fans with it’s extreme Avant Garde-ness. Yet, does not seem to be super well known among Avant Garde enthusiasts – probably because it’s credited to Hubbard and was released on Atlantic. But, this is every bit as ruthlessly experimental as anything I’ve heard on any fringe Classical label. The whole thing is equal parts Chamber Music, Electronics, and Jazz – as you will hear in this excerpt from the track “Threnody For Sharon Tate”.


  • this is one of my all time favorite records.

  • Ilhan Mimaroglu is the reason why this record is some weird/amazing. He’s one of the big names of tape/experimental/early electonic music. He’s a Turkish composer that studied musicology and composition at Columbia in the 50s. He also produced some good jazz records like Mingus’ “Changes One.” And he ran a label called Finnadar that put out some of his records. He also had some stuff out on Folkways. All of his records and everything on Finnandar are worth checking out. His Folkways will hopefully end up on here soon.

  • yeah this record is definetly WAY out there.

  • This is a great and obscure record which should be better known. One thing, Mimaroglu did not produce or own Atlantic Records, you’re thinking of Ahmet Ertegun.

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