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Funky Sounds from Central Africa

I guess this is the kind of record that would scream “grab me” even to the most casual of record browsers so I feel extra lucky it fell into my greedy hands. This is a very rare compilation released in the Netherlands by some forward souls at Philips. The bulk of the 12 tracks, although very nice, only tentatively ventures into jazzy or R&B styles, if at all. There are, however, two tracks by Rex Williams that more than meet the cover-induced expectations. This guy had a very tight and wild afro funk act heavy on the organ and with fresh, clean guitar. Check out the slower of the two, the infectious happy day, before having yourself a party with ererimbot ayafung oko. Wow!



  • Great stuff….thanks for posting it!!

  • Thanks, glad you like it. I think I recorded it too loud, oeps, sounds a bit distorted now which it isn’t.

  • Wow. I’ve been scouring for Afro-funk comps for years now and this one’s never come up. Nice stuff, too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Peter Wermelinger

    Hi, can you write me which side/which track are those both Rex Williams tracks? Also the label-number and year of release. I like to add this LP to the Funk Records Lexicon. If you know somebody who has the original of that Rex Williams: Ererimbot track, let me know. Any help is very much appreciated. Email see above. Thanks, Peter

  • the sweet spot diviner

    great stuff .. great site . thankyou for sharing , nice work !

  • I love this! My mother used to sing like that while taking a shower on the way to work. It would be funny but she used public transportation. I lived in Chicago in the 60’s.

  • The cover presents us with Ndebele women and their wonderfully painted houses. They normally live in South Africa, which, normally, is not placed in Central Africa, except if you are a funky record producer in the Netherlands – hehe! Well, what the heck – let us enjoy the music!

  • I picked up a copy of this album yesterday! What a cool find!

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