GAEA – C’est Magnifique b/w Lunar Transmission

Balls out female synth-punk shredder. Nothing is heald back. Screaming sexy vocals and sexualised lyrics with outer space theatrics all packaged in an overbearing synth dancefloor smasher. GAEA, where are you? Please get in touch with me. Released in 1981 on Lizard Records (private). One of the most interesting records I now own.

I have in vein tried to get in touch with GAEA through websites selling her CD from 2000. The CD itself is interesting as it carries a similar overbearing amount of synth with space themes. Though instead of being a punker it’s more of an AOR affair.

Listen: GAEA – C’est Magnifique (there is a reissue project in the works and we will be providing a shorter clip of the mp3 soon! Thanks for reading!)

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