Ginger Hobby Horse & Friends: S/T (RA records 1970)

Another local (Devon) release G.H.H were a lounge band with pretensions of Blood Sweat & Tears. Perhaps not the best introduction, so allow me to lay the boot in a little further. The choice of covers on this LP in parts is enough to put a man off music. There is a light within this nadir however, namely in the form of RA stable mates Indiana Highway (They form the ‘Friends’ component of this LP) in short – thank f*ck. The track for inclusion here is a cover of ‘Love is Blue’. I like this track and I particularly like Indiana Highways input.

“Love Is Blue”

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  • Great track. Thanks for uploading it.

  • Wow that brings back some memories – I used to go and see Ginger Hobby Horse with someone who I think was Ginger’s sister in law! Spent many happy hours watching this band. What happened to them?

  • Keith Taylor one of the founder members of “ginger hobby horse” passed away on Friday
    29/12/2013 .

  • God Bless Keith I never realised you had another talent other than Carpentry! With a voice like that you are going to keep them all entertained up there. What a wonderful song. Love it XX

  • Nanite Dad……there are no words, just love and really happy memories xxxxx

  • Sleep Well Dad. Your music will LIVE forever and your funeral reflects that. What a wonderful day we all had celebrating the life of a true musician. Miss YOU!

  • Sleep Well DAD.
    At peace now but what a wonderful voice and musical legacy you leave us ALL!
    Will ALWAYS Love you and the memories you leave behind
    xx Tim, Jude, Jodie and Findlay xx xx xx xx

  • You did your Best Mate… But JUDITH always wore the trousers!!!
    She no doubt paid for your funeral as Mum had no Money… Judith no doudt will look after your Wifes interests and CONTROL everything.. moving forward… Good to see Laurie and Vals comments here… Judith Hardcastle NEEDS TO BE PUT ON A LEASH!!!!
    Dad always said you were too bossy and erm you and Tim DRINK TOO MUCH that’s why you both Wet The Bed when you visited them in Brixham!!!

    Hope you and Sid have plans for Mum now?

  • When we visited him in The Hospice, he talked joyfully of his beautiful daughters and Grandaughters. When we met you both and your girls at the Funeral, we could see why. Lovely service and beautiful words, he would have been proud! X

  • Aw, thank you Pat……he loved all of his girls x Jude and I wanted to make his funeral personal to him, with the right song choices and poems, I think we achieved it……xx

  • Ah yes he used to talk alot about “His Girls” and always with such a big smile whilst bursting with pride. He left this world a very content happy man. The service was a fitting tribute to him and was very upliffing The wife and I enjoyed the get together afterwards immensly, where we met the the very “Core” of Keith. God bless you all x

  • I worked with Keith for many years and could not have met a more hard working, genuine, honest and loyal bloke. He will be sadly missed by all of us and I can’t begin to imagine the hole that has been left in the lives of his wife, 2 daughters and 5 granddaughters.
    Astrid and Judith, and all the family members that attended the funeral, did him proud. He was so very proud of all of you and passed knowing that his love, loyalty, humour, and above all, his honesty, will live on in his daughters and granddaughters.
    I felt very privileged to attend his funeral and get to know his immediate family and meet his extended family. God bless you all.

  • A very sad day but what a wonderful CELEBRATION of Keith’s life surrounded by his proud wife, precious daughter’s and even more valued Grand daughter’s.
    Standing ovations were the order of the day my lovely as Jodie read those those words so proudly and “almost” without falter. To hear The Ginger Hobby Horse again was MUSIC to my ears.
    It was a beautiful service my lovely, you would be proud of your daughter’s!

    Rest in Peace now

  • Thank you everyone!!! Such lovely memorials…..Sadly, I have been to many a funeral but I’ve never seen SO many people attend one!
    He clearly was well loved and respected by a lot more people than we realised! It was lovely to be surrounded by the people that Dad loved and respected……he touched your lives, sometimes briefly, but obviously left a lasting impression.
    Mum, Jude and I will miss him terribly…

  • Thanks for that comment Sarah. Jodie did the WHOLE family proud and spoke on behalf of Keiths BELOVED Grandchildren.
    He adored them as much as they worshipped him and he LIVED for his VERY precious Grandaughter’s.
    Such an AMAZING man who will be sorely missed. The plethora of emotion, swathe of comments and letters the family have received reflect his humanity, love and dedication.

    Sincere thanks to ALL who have posted such beautiful memories.

  • So so SAD
    The END of an Era

    The VOICE has left us but the memories remain. RIP Keith

  • You will always be in my heart and my fondest memories grandad, your voice will never be forgotten as I promise to treasure the gift you have blessed me with! I just wish you could hear the song dedicated to you that I’m in the middle of composing! I will never ever forget you, how can I? When you’ve been the most amazing grandad whilst I’ve grown up and I’m so glad we had those last few weeks in Greece that I will always cherish! Your daughters have BOTH most definitely made you proud, and that’s all thanks to you and grandma for being such brilliant parents! Forever and always in my heart Grandad! And I’m so glad I could read my fondest memories at your beautiful send off, night night grandad sleep well looking down from the clouds!! I will always look to you when I need a push I’m the right direction, all my Love,

    your little angel fruit gum! Xxxxx

  • Wow!
    If I can experience this celebratory funeral conducted by Wendy I would be VERY HAPPY!

    Well done Lyn and your Family are just adorable.
    I fell in LOVE with them ALL!

    Thank You for reminding me of the Ginger Hobby Horse and my memories – Where can I get a copy of their Albumn?

  • So sorry that I could NOT be there Keith..

    I heard that your funeral service was one “HELL” of a “Send Off”????

    Met Jude recently and she informed me of your predicament! Unfortunately we were in the Med on a cruise.
    Hopefully you will be with us for the next one??

    With much love

  • OMG
    Filtering through to the PRS friends.

    Sending our love Lyn, to you and your daughter’s and granchildren.

  • Such a sad loss to Keith’s family but you girls will keep him alive in your hearts not just because he’s left a massive void but because he’s a complete legend. I will always remember him fondly as the joker, the story teller and the family man and above all loved by each and every one of his girls. Nanite Daddy Taylor it’s been a pleasure xxx

  • Thanx Clare, not just for being at the Funeral, but for being such a good friend for over 30 years and the ongoing support and good times we now share with our families xxxx

    Loves ya xxx

  • So sorry Jude and Sid. Never forget your dad when we were growing up. We all used to think he was a younger version of Robert Redford?

    Sorry I could only stay for the service but it was was the best service I have ever attended. After my mum died, I have discovered that it can be “Funny” at a funeral and that service was REALLY wonderful.
    Love to you Both, your Mum and the girls.

  • I first meet Keith when he was about 9 Yo at Totnes Church School ,His mum and dad were both teachers there. Keith was a carpenter so was I ,over the years I would see him play at the Shiphay Manor .will be sadly missed .RIP Keith. APH Australia.

  • Remember you fondly Keith, rest peacefully knowing that you brought so much joy and fun to those of us who grew up in the “60’s”
    Sladnor Park “Rocked” (as the youngsters say?)

    What more can I say?
    xx Tanya

  • I have just read the Herald Express and am “Gob Smacked” (as my son would say?)

    So SORRY Lyn, Keith ALWAYS gave me advice and told me to “BAN” my sons MOBILE phone from the Dinner Table?

    Mobile Phones were NOT invented in OUR day?

    The Beautiful photos of your Grandaughter’s are just incredible. Such a shame that the 18th birthdays were NOT celebrated?

  • So Sad Girls

    Our thoughts are with you.

    Keith was always proud of Jude and Sid and bored me constantly with pride about his BLOODY Grandaughter’s?
    Anyone else heard this?

    God Love You Keith (Snooker Lover and beaten FRIEND?)

  • I have just heard Lyn

    What a wonderful man, lovely husband, fantastic dad and incredible Grandad.

    I always told you that I envied the relationship you and Keith had with Siddy and Jude.

    Feel for you at this difficult time but be PROUD as he LIVES within those wonderful grandchildren he lived for, loved and nurtured.

    God bless you ALL


  • This man put Sperm into my Mother and created Me…I never quite knew why?
    I battled through youth in this family with Linda Taylor and Jean Verney being Alcoholics! Judith Hardcastle is a bully and herself investigated by social services years ago for not being a FIT MOTHER!! Her and her Husband Timothy Hardcastle can not stop Drinking!!! Or WETTING THE BED! They were an EMBARRASSMENT to my Father!
    How Astrid Green can SIT and generate all this crap about family… a man dedicated to his Grand Daughters?? Astrid Marc and their girls could not be bothered to visit my Parents as they found cigarette smoke too much for their Children in Their Brixham Home!
    What beats me is… These two WOMEN.. with husbands… leave my Mother living in the Shit of Cotmore Close .. the PIT she deserves!! Linda Taylor was and is an acoholic… a Bully!! She bullied and damaged my Dad!! The shithole that now is COTMORE CLOSE resembles Hoyles Road and FOXHOLE!! I am so Glad I changed my name and disassociated myself from this very disjointed.. confused and alcohol absorbed Family!!! (Photo’s to follow of the shit the Girls have left THEIR mum to Live in!!) Nyk De Mornay… RACHEL CLARKE… You are a FRAUD!!!!! I remember supplying Marc Green with Cannabis through Carol…
    I didn’t just mourn a Father (who Frankly only ever gave a shit about his Girls!!) SORRY I WAS GAY YOU OLD FART!!!
    YOU know what…. THE TAYLOR NAME IS DEAD!!!
    Why would I want to carry his name.. or the memory of two self obsessed Sisters… One A GREEN One A HARDCASTLE…. My surname and life finally is my own…
    I do not miss this EVIL family… Verney Vipers and Judith is the VERMIN now in control!!
    I have not associated myself with this family for years..
    I live my own life… I’m Glad my Dad is at peace… I’m even more delighted that I do not have to spend the rest of my Life looking after that fucking woman you call your Mother!!!
    The TAYLORS… HARDCASTLES and GREENS mean nothing to me…
    What a Sad bunch you are…. Hey… You have a Transgendered RACHEL CLARKE as a Brother Now!!!

  • Christ…I take it this is ‘The Boy’
    I knew Keith from way back when, never realised how screwed up his son was, I knew he was excluded from school as a teen for bullying and sexualised behaviour in the Boys Toilets….and sent away, I know Ginge struggled with that….
    Turned out ‘The Boy’ was beyond help…obviously.. evidenced right there?

  • Some people ought not to be let loose on the internet in the early hours of the morning. I can only assume that this person was under the influence of alcohol and probably some of the drugs that he has admitted supplying.

    He may not have any respect for his parents or siblings but to post this vitriolic rant on a public forum that Keith’s granddaughters can see is, frankly, disgusting and despicable.

    I can now see why Keith and Lin took the difficult decision to cut this person out of their lives, after many, many years of heartache and pain.

    I’m saddened that a tribute to one of my oldest mates has been hijacked by someone who is of no consequence to anyone.

  • Andrew John Taylor you are a disappointment….
    Still trying to gain empathy for your wrong doings, your family did their very best to support you through your “difficult” battle with drugs, alcohol and sexual deviance.
    Your constant “absconding” from Behavioural Boarding Schools, your record for burglary and wasting police time whilst under the influence.
    Your lovely family tried their very best to support you, even though you were a painful embarrassment, you should hang your head in shame!
    In spite of you, your Mum is thriving, her daughters and Grandchildren are beautiful, you, however, continue to be the disappointment your father always said you were…

  • While it is possible Andrew ‘The Boy’ Taylor was genetically predisposed to develop the behaviours he has exhibited throughout his childhood and continues to into adulthood, it is far more likely they result from early childhood neglect or trauma (sexual, physical or emotional abuse) or extreme family dysfunction of some kind. His behaviours are just learned responses to enable him to function in the environment he grew up in, an environment created by the adults who cared for him. It is likely Andrew has been a very handy scapegoat for all the family over the years, providing a ‘problem’ for the family to rally around while diverting attention away from whatever the real issues were and allowing the rest of the family to portray and think of themselves as happy and well adjusted. The prognosis for Andrew is not good. His aggressive rejection of what should have been his primary attachment figure (mother), negative relationship with his siblings and (at best) ambivalent feelings towards his dead father do not bode well. Andrew is unlikely to be able to form secure adult attachments is likely to suffer deteriorating mental health and engage in ever more self-destructive behaviour involving alcohol, drugs and crime.

  • “likely to suffer deteriorating mental health and engage in ever more self-destructive behaviour involving alcohol, drugs and crime.”…,let’s fucking hope so!!!!!

  • So sad I remember you Andrew and I remember your dad. You want nice back then you tried to take money and you robbed my house and you was fucked up and nasty. Your mum and dad was nice to me you was fucked up

  • The ‘TAYLOR’ family were always ‘Confused’..
    JUDITH confused about her Sexuality and an UNHEALTHY interest in KISTOR Canine Beauticians and an interest in it’s owner from a young age? Astrid admitted to Hospital following an overdose shortly after her move to Brixham with her parents??
    You belittle and denounce your Brother?
    Judith… Having seen the death of your father in Law… and left A LOT OF MONEY!!! Did you NOT ‘FRAUDULENTLY’ continue to claim state benefits for your kids??
    is your mother not a Benefit Fraudster too??
    Astrid as I recall was the School BIKE and had more PRICKS than a second Hand Dart Board when she left school.. Judith was the PRUDE…. Steve Southcott…. TUBA SMARTIES ??? Always had an eye for LARGE MEN did Judith… Sought Money and Wealth so she did not have to work!!! She ended up with an over weight husband… unable to work full time… and a father who remained hanging around school gates when he finished work in his later years cos there was nothing left between the legs of the SKANK he married!!
    His Girls!!! ??? Both with a HOST of Secrets!!! LIARS… DRUNKARDS and Druggies!!!!
    WHAT A FUCKING JOKE their family was!!!!

  • It seems this family BREEDS the contempt injected by it’s Mother and The Verney’s..
    Neither Girl will ever know what it is like to ‘carry’ a Family name!!
    Both of them… and the rest of this clan need to realise!
    This VILE disgusting name has GONE!!! Taylor? Who the fuck were they??
    The head of this disfunctional family is DEAD!!! THANK FUCK FOR THAT!!!
    Long live Judith Hardcastle and her BULLYING Bedwetting style….
    Jodie and Findlay must be SO PROUD of You Judith!!!
    What a role Model!!!
    Your Brother would NOT PISS ON YOU if you were on FIRE!!!
    You could put your own fire out at night anyway if it happened in Bed!!!
    You and Tim still bed wetting??? in your 40’s!!! SAD!!
    Alcoholics!!!! Just like Linda Verney/Taylor SCUM BITCH!!!!!

  • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ………

  • I’m sorry now I looked into what I thought might give me some insight into Ian Hobson’s life – I worked with him at Mervyn’s until 1975, and got to wondering if he is now another old ‘geezer’ like me these days. Instead I seem to have stuck my nose into a rather public airing of ‘dirty laundry’ the likes of which I’ve never come across (nor want to see again). How extraordinarily sad that this vitriolic tirade should be posted, and how upsetting for those more intimately concerned than me. For those of you suffering loss, you have my sympathies…

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