Guy Des Joncs / Guido Giovagnoli – Flute And Sax

Regency Line were a small library label based in Brighton, England (home of Fatboy Slim and Brad Pitt designed architecture) who issued a run of 30 LPs before disappearing into the ether. Their albums are some of the lesser known and tougher to find UK library LPs and were often issues of obscure mainland European releases. ‘Flute And Sax’ was originally issued by by the French Emilhenco label and manages the rare library treat of being a solid listen throughout heavy on the jazzy grooves, flute and sax. So many nice tracks although the standout for me is the Guy Des Joncs penned ‘Stop In Hambourg’ with it’s funky grooves and superb flute lead.

Guy Des Joncs – Stop In Hambourg


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