Hansadutta Swami – The Vision

A German named Hans Kary moves to Berkeley, experiences a vision, and becomes a devotee of Krishna. He then changes his name to Hansadutta Swami, starts wearing aviator shades, and becomes a traveling monk playing bad folk.


  • I have a different lp by him that I’ll post. Apperantly he was a bad swami & killed a guy.

  • Whoa, he looks like Thurston Moore!

  • I did’nt kill anyone! They all died by they’re own hand! I swear on Krishna!


  • Hans, one can drink milk, or one can drink water, but no one will drink watered-down milk. We must present Krishna “as He is.” You forget, we only need to repeat Krishna’s words. We are not required to invent, entertain, patronise, speculate, or camouflage in order to preach. It is as simple as the child’s repeating his ABCs or multiplication tables. Later one, when he has mastered the basics, he can elaborate, but not before.

  • The truth is that I really am Thurston Moore.

  • there’s another hansadutta album?? I love the vision, I hope this is true..

  • Hansadutta, I can’t believe you check out this site. I just bought one of your albums from Ebay. I am your disciple (although you say you have none)and was trying to get ahold of you. I am glad to hear about your new musical ventures. Do you know where Jayanti is? Please reply or email me at corinaamato@hotmail.com.

  • Actually, there’s about 3 born every minute.

  • – he was a bad swami & killed a guy
    – i did`nt kill anyone!!

    ….then he is a bad swami? ( bad in sanskrit means great or wonderfull, uhm, maybe, bad in sanskrit is some good) ! i want these album!! vision, i dont have dollars, master card, visions…

  • I served with Hansadutta in Hamburg Germany. At the time his first wife was recovering from a motorcycle accident.

    At the time he was a wonderful person

  • Look Whatever you say about the Swami, his new free-jazz reincarnation, the “alledged” murder,his satanic four-way with the Olsen Twins and Nipsey Russell, you can magnify that pic of his up-turned nose over a hundred times, and find not one booger!!!

  • Ray Cappo, LOL

  • I helped make “The Vision”. I played Lead Guitar on it. I still have Hansadutta Swami’s classical guitar, and use it in recording, check out “We are One by Das Goravani” on Goravani.com, I saved it from teh trash in Berkeley, after Hrdayanandas men ceremoniously trashed it, I saved it, it sounds good. The vision wasn’t a good album, but the guitar he owned is still singing. Hari Bol everyone.

  • He never killed anybody. That’s total bullshit. I was his secretary the whole time, and recorded the lead on the album. The album sucks because it does, many albums suck. BFD. Some people died around the Hare Krishna movement, but Hansadutta was not a party to any of those deaths in any way. Another ISKCON leader was. Peace.

  • radha Govinda- Gouravani, richard wurst……I did not know that you thought the album sucked…it was never meant to entertain, or run in the commercial rat race, it was simply a way to bring musicians into Krishna and Prabhupada,s orbit, as were the subsequent albums and musical adventures. I always hope some professional expert musicians would take up the Idea of presenting basic Krishna conscious siddhantas in popular music.
    I have no regrets for this attempt, and no embarrasment for the poor quality of the music or technical short commings, but the lyrics are pointing to krishna, so that’s all that mattered, and matters now.
    I often wonder about you, I remember you with affection and good will. Even though you may say, or have said harsh things about me, I really hope you are happy in all respects.
    Hansadutta das, who brought you to Prabhupada Krishna and Sridhara Maharaja, love to hear from you, recently put up a face book page ” Hansadutta ” ,…. but I might not last long, it is troublesome keeping up and managing it

  • hare krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare| hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare|| prabhu ji

  • Hansadutta

    Because of all what you did when you were guru or so called, you are nothing but a worm. Shame on you. Does not matter you said the truth when you could no longer be a bhogus guru. I have attempt for you.

  • Hansadutta

    It is very possible that soon we ll meet. It will occur very naturally because of my new future status
    So I hope for you that you have changed enough (even if have doubts about that) If not
    I will destroy you inside like I do with demons. Ultimately it will help a disguting person like you but better you don t have to through this experience.

  • I made a mistake: not “ attempt“ of course but “ contempt“. If you reveal yourself to be a sincere person in spite of everything, you will get blessings as well.

  • I had to make popcorn, because this feud is so entertaining.
    Saying “Peace, I’m going to enter you and kill you”, in so many words.

  • If Hansadutta just exploited disciples and women for money and sex, it was very bad but he was just a crazy and young mad bhogus guru betraying Prabhupada. But if, as I read he has also contempt for his victims ( and he will not be able to hide. that) better he moves if there is still a kind of Apollo mission…. His good friend Kirtananda is actually very very lucky. I think Yamaraja maybe is more merciful.
    Anywayif he lives some years more,Hansadutta will be in front of a big. dilna, sure.

  • Mistake, not easy from a smart phone.
    of course I wanted to say “ dilemna“

  • Age
    Do you think Hansadutta is the expression of “PEACE“ ?
    Well, with all the money he stole exploiting. naive people and the easy life it gave to him, yes, he can be cool a43 look like the incarnation of “peace“ maybe.

  • OK Hansadutta
    I was in further investigations about you ( of course I should have done that first but I was angry so…) and it looks that you became a nice person defending Prabhupada s work and sampradaya s work. So maybe you can sleep peacefully and will get blessings.

  • Hey, I was just being a smart ass.

    I’m sorry this Ray Ban wearing geezer that looks like a cross between Tony Danza and Telly Savalas, did you folks wrong.

    Honestly, I was just checking out the reviews and I was surprised by the amount of back and forth going on; hence my remark.
    I had two of his records…both shit.

    Nuff said.

  • Re: Hansadutta – I was broke in Berkeley and a member of the Hansadutta temple 1984-85. I wrote VAMPIRELLA & other comics in the 1970s, as noted on the English & Spanish Wikipedia pages about me. I am #8 on p. 1496 on a list of possible JFK shooters in Vincent Bugliosi’s RECLAIMING HISTORY: THE ASSASSINATION OF JFK. I’m in a band and our new song is a loving tribute to cult leaders everywhere! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIov54yAyH0

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