Henry Cowell – Piano Music

1/5 definintely not suitable for children, one song inparticular, March 15, 2003

By A Customer
I bought this CD, and I ended up throwing it in the bin the very next day. I bought it and I’m a bit of a ghost freak and I saw the song “Banshee,” I put the record in and skimmed over to listen to it. I couldn’t move I was white with terror. Henry Cowell is a good composer and all, but his songs are petrifying. I went over to my friends house and told him about the CD. He told me to bring it over. As I put the CD in the player. My friends 5-year-old sister came in and Screech went the song and as if the song were a magical spell, Alakazam! The sister went screaming with terror crying all the way up the stairs and daren’t come back down until it was established that I had left the house, which I did immediately. I don’t think anyone should waste their money on this. It is an unsuitable collection of screech, screech, ooo, I hate that sound.


  • Banshee is one of my favorite pieces.
    Truly. Guess it is not for everyone.
    If you want to get rid of this…send it to me.


  • There’s going to be a music festival through Cornish College in Seattle the weekend of March 26th, 2009 that features a Henry Cowell thing. Also a Lou Harrison thing, a John Cage double thing, and a gamelan thing. Plenty of boring academic talks on the afternoons too!

  • Picked this up on LP at a flea market a couple summers back. I’m not much of an expert on avant garde music but I enjoyed this LP, myself.

  • i lissend to henry cowell homage to iran last nite and it was much better and and not so noisy
    u should check it out

  • I sometimes like good ol’ Henry, but I can’t express the disappointment there’s no audio file here. I love the site, though… one of my very favorite music collections. I’m much richer (metaphorically at least) for your efforts. Thanks.

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