Herman’s Rocket – Space Woman

Bizarrely this record is quite highly sought after amongst those in the know. Not sure why to be honest. It’s an enjoyable disco stomper with some nice warbling synths, the obligatory computer vocal and some slightly strained female vocals. I was given it by a friend who nabbed it from her Dad’s collection. Unfortunately some twat wrote on the cover. Thanks D.G whoever you are.

Space Woman


  • It’s a Jean-Pierre Massiera tune that was also released under the moniker Venus Gang, same exact version as this 7″. The cosmic disco heads go ga-ga for it.

  • quite cool, I’d keep it if I stumbled across it

  • That record is awesome! Not sure why it’s sought after? Well, it’s funky as hell for one. And it also has a dope cover. Plus, as you know the iBach preceded the Ipod by many moons.

  • Yeah, agreed it’s a nice cover.

  • Love this track! What’s funny is that it’s a dead ripoff of an even more amazing song called “Miss Broadway” by Belle Epoque (see http://www.discoworkout.com/?p=79)…

  • Wow, they’re pretty goddamn similar. Thanks for that heads up baron.

  • both this and the belle epoque song actually stole everything from the silver convention “fly robin fly” (love all three, though)

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