Illes: Illesek Es Pofonok

While poking around online looking for info in English on this group I came across something that said they were “The Beatles of Hungary!”… I have no idea how true this statement is, but it does remind me how vulnerable one is when trying to buy/get into foreign records. Cause yeah, these guys are not the Beatles… and, “amazing swirling psychedelic sitar eastern-tinged uber acid-trip madness” is probably pushing it a bit too. It is a pretty cool record though. Maybe not worth the price of postage from Hungary (where this is probably a totally common record) to the US of A, but there are a couple pretty stellar tracks on here.

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  • I was always told Hungaria was the ‘ Beatles’ of Hungary..Oh well. keep it Magyar.

  • The earlier Nehez Az Ut is a great lp with a couple of tunes that make me have no problem with a Beatles analogy. Especially one track is amazing swirling psychedelic eastern-tinged uber acid-trip madness.

  • hahaha!!!

  • I have been record digging in Budapest and can tell you that this is not a totally common record. There are actually very few places there to buy used vinyl. I found only one. Fortunately they had most albums by Illes that were recorded between 1967 and 1973, all of which I recommend including the cool solo album by the band leader Forenyi something or other. I also recommend the albums by Hungaria, especially the studio album (although the live one is more rare). I also recommend the Omega (or Omega Red Star) albums. Avoid Locomotiv GT and Bergendy.

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