The Impossibles – Stage show

“Stage Show” is a great funk album by the well known Thai band The Impossibles who recorded the classic “Hot Pepper” album in Sweden. This album includes various interpretations of classic American funk tunes done in a Thai style. The recording is super low budget and the sound quality might remind you of your last visit in a Thai karoke bar. Then again the album has some raw funk and drum breaks (Check out “Do it till you’re satisfied”). I found it a couple of years ago in Bangkok after visiting the same store for the third time within one week. I had asked for the record during the first two visits too but only after the second visit the woman running the store went to a small room in the back of her shop and handed me the record in mint condition for cheap.

After I came back from Thailand I set up a myspace profile for four of the songs I found. One day Nicole Willis left a comment about “Baby I can’t get enough of your love” saying something like the song sounds like Barry White after a week on drugs on Ko Chang. Quite an adequate description.


  • I was just thinking about Hot Pepper…This is really good.

  • thanks for this! it’s really cool to hear setha’s attempts at banter in english with the crowd!
    if you’re interested, i’ve got another great thai version of “do it (til you’re satified)” over here (@ track 12) by don sonrabiap.

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