Infinite Love Experience – Love Will Never die

I’m guessing these guys were from the Dominican Republic, since the back cover has an advertisement for a Dominican disco album, but I’m not sure. The cover is as vague as can be, with many typ-o’s and bold stickers to re-arrange the tracklisting. Luckily the music is quit good, with a typical island mix of Caribbean dances, reggae, soul and up-tempo latin funk. The last track, Love Will Never Die, succeeds in delivering some catharsis to it all with a full on love declaration to the lord and a funk jam to finish it off, all loaded with super mellow vibes. The technician was a bit hasty in fading it out halfway and bluntly fades it in again, just in time to catch a nice drum work-out. I took the liberty to edit that part a bit for enhanced listening pleasure. The guitarist shows off some cool Santana licks after that.

Listen to: Infinite Love Experience – Love Will Never Die


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