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Ivo Nilakreshna – Tegakkan Sembahyang

I’m not sure if this record was made in Singapore, Malaysia or Indonesia. What makesĀ it noteworthy is the funk track Rukun Islam. I can’t understand the language but it’s dealing with Allah and Muhammad. The chorus is cool, the refrain is lush. The male la la la chorus makes it somewhat trippy. There’s more good stuff on this album, but as this track has a crude funk beat and cool Fender Rhodes, it catches the ear. Have a listen.

“Rukun Islam”

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  • nice

  • yeah. funky mosque funk. dope!!

  • it’s a maylaysian record btw (at least the singer is malaysian). i did some google research….

  • Thanks both. Ah, so she’s malaysian. I wondered since Ivo Nilakreshna seems to be Indonesian, working in different places in the region.

  • hey there! i think ivo is actually indonesian, although she was more popular in malaysia (same as hetty koes endang, i think) a good hint as to where the record’s from is the way the genre’s spelled (i.e. “keroncong” in malaysia vs. “krontjong” or “kroncong” in indonesia) i bought a cd rip one of ivo’s records in kuala lumpur, only to get home and realize it was the wrong disc in the case! thanks so much for helping me hear her again!

  • Dope! Goes to show funkiness is everywhere.

  • god damn

  • fantastic recording

  • Absolutely Beautiful!

  • i just asked the nice people in the indonesia branch of the lonely planet board for a translation and the song obviously deals with the five pilars of islam. the text goes something like this:

    Islam has five pillars,
    The first one is to recite the Shahada,
    There is no god other than Allah
    Mohamad is the prophet of Allah,
    The Second one is prayer,
    Five times day and night,
    To offer thanks to the Lord,
    Who is as old as the world,
    (this is the point where she goes up a notch and starts wailing)
    The third one is that you must fast,
    During the month of Ramadan… etc etc…

  • “Reposted from the comments section of another review”
    Enjoying your blog and learning much. Was looking for Ivo Nilakreshna and stumbled upon your delightful site.

    Did you know Ivo N. recorded an EP singing, ‘Proud Mary’, ‘Say Goodbye’, ‘Conversation’ and ‘I’m Gonna Make You Mine’, with music and vocal backing by The Steps. (PPSound: PSE 112 333).

    Same lady who recorded the interesting and rythmic religious song.
    Andy Young

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