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Jack Hennig and The Breaking Point Group – Busy People b/w Maybe Tomorrow (Cupid Records)

Jack Hennig was one of the more prominent country singers living in Edmonton, Alberta in the 70s. However, unknown to almost everyone, he cut two singles with The Breaking Point Group sometime in the mid-to-late 60s. The Busy People b/w Maybe Tomorrow single is the second and last recording he did with the Breaking Point Group and is an excellent foray into the psychedelic pop sounds burgeoning at the time.

A copy of this single was found years ago by a friend of mine and was the only known copy. Three weeks ago that same friend called me and said he found another copy, and both of us were amazed that it took so long to dig up another one. Meanwhile, I take a trip to Calgary, Alberta and pull another copy in a small town last week!

It’s not a heavy garage punker so I don’t think it ever achieved the grail status that some other Albertan 45s have over the years (King Beezz, The Media, Adanac Reply). Nevertheless, Busy People is a great example of pop-psych moves with syrupy, drug-induced vocals with psychedelic lyrics, dreamy organ, and a sitar-sounding guitar effect. Maybe Tomorrow seems to meander in garage-pop territory and has a great fuzz solo. In my opinion an excellent double sider.

Looking at the catalog numbers you’ll see CR-2. CR-1 was not discovered until three weeks ago when my friend found it and I found another during the same trip to Calgary. I’ll review the first single when I make some sound clips. Unfortunately more of a blue-eyed soul affair, with some psychedelic tinges. I spoke with Jack Hennig and confirmed that Mary Saxton sang back-up vocals on that record.

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Jack Hennig and The Breaking Point Group – Maybe Tomorrow

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Jack Hennig & The Breaking Point Group – Busy People

(I’ll post Side-B when I get a rip soon).


  • got any info on gary mcdougal(SIC)-ballad of mary elizabeth ? thats a cool 45 from i think edmonton

  • I just posted “Busy People” if anyone cares.

  • Hi. Thanks a lot for Busy People. Found Maybe Tomorrow by “accident” on spotify. I can’t find any information about Jack Henning anywhere on the web. If you got more songs or info I would love a email.

    This shit rocks!



  • I was good friends with Jack Hennig in the 70’s but we lost touch. Does anyone know how to get in touch with him now?

  • His son Jake Ryan, works for 104.9 virgin radio in Edmonton, Ab

  • I used to live in Edmonton, now in California and still play his album “LADY HIGHWAY” .
    Still love it today 40 years later.

  • A little disappointed

    My Mom met him one time in Edmonton in the early 70’s. He promised he would come visit my little sister in the hospital when she was dying of cancer. He didn’t show.

  • Doreen, I wrote the song Lady Highway. I’m glad you like the album and I hope you like that particular song. Jack recorded it because he had name recognition and already had a few albums out. I never did. I still have a couple of the old 45s with Lady Highway on one side and The Dreams are Never Ended on the other. Cheers from Ottawa. Frank Ferguson

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