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Jean-Pierre Decerf and Gerard Zajd – Out of the Way

This record strikes me as being very odd. It sounds so contemporary, you almost suspect it’s a hoax by some sample dudes from 2006. But it’s not. It’s on the French Cam, so it’s probably from the beginning of the eighties. There are several stand out tracks, with subdued electronic beats, percussion and sound effects, but the most spectacular one is called Black Safari where animal sounds are added to the brew. There’s some elephant and whale action that blends in perfectly.

Listen to: Black Safari


  • yes! a+

  • Damn! Balaeric Noodle Breaks in effect.

  • awesome! kind of reminds me of chris & cosey.

  • AmericanDream

    I’ve always wondered about this track. It’s a staple in the DFA’s dj playlist. I just figured it was a current hipster electro-beat post-punk dance cut from last year song.

  • this record is HOT

  • cor!
    love the site you got here, much appreciated ;)

  • This track can also be found on an Lp named “Light flight-More and more” by a “band” named Magical Ring on the french Chicago 2000 label. The date of recording for this LP is 1977. I don’t know if it’s the same album but i give you the tracklisting :

    A-01 Light flight
    A-02 Fire zone
    A-03 Sight on the sea
    A-04 Dreams in the wind
    A-05 Spatial feeling
    B-01 More and more
    B-02 No words
    B-03 Black safari
    B-04 Wakemania
    B-05 Touch as much

  • holy shit! i might need this.

    isnt that “CAM” logo just part of the old Camden logo? or am i totally mistaken…

  • @whoops, thanks. Part of the tracklisting is the same but part is not. I haven’t got the record at hand at the moment, but I know one track is called Some More Funkadelic.

  • I hear a break sampled by Amon Tobin in there. For the track Deo i think…

  • I always ask this question… what’s the catalogue number for this CAM release?

  • i had dinner with Dercef a few years back with the hope of eventually working out some sort of comp of his stuff. he was very prolific during that time, theres at least 5 other lps by him worth checking out. i particularly recommend ‘light flight’ that includes a proper D&B track from 20 years before the genre was invented. Very nice chap who still works in library, he helps out Mrs Warner at IM.

  • Very nice…I’m a Decerf!!
    Greetings from Belgium!

  • I am desesperate to find the adress or phone number of Jean Pierre Decerf,I have worked with him for several years, I was Corporate Film Director in Paris. I lost him in the life fog but i’ll give anything to find him in good health.
    Thank You


    Salut michel ! Je te cherche depuis un bon moment aussi . Je ne vis plus à Paris . Laisse moi ton adress mail pour que je puisse te recontacter autrement .

  • Bonjour,
    Je cherche à rentrer en communication avec Jean-Pierre Decerf, tout simplement parce que je porte le même nom que le sien ou lui le mien.
    Merci de me répondre
    JP Deserf

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