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Jerry Rooth – But You’ll Try…Again b/w But You Loved Me Anyway

Jerry Rooth’s Higney-produced single is further evidence that Higney’s sonic philosophy was no accident. All the classic shimmers present are: muted drums, rough, desperate vocals, and the wonderfully inexplicable audio-temporal mixing that made Attic Demonstration such a classic. “But You’ll Try…Again” strays from Higney’s downer-rock and dives into a strange brew of hard-rock, power-pop, and unfathomable weirdness, including an epic 80s workout of guitar tomshreddery. For its comparative mellowness and strange effects sprinkle throughout, “But You Loved Me Anyway” is the real winner for me. Long live Higney. Killer pic sleeve.

But You Loved Me Anyway

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But You’ll Try…Again

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  • Woo.

  • MusicInsideRecs

    Killer single. Thanks for this entry.

  • this is great. i love “But You Loved Me Anyway”… strangely, his growly voice thing on “But You’ll Try… Again” reminds me of weird al…

  • this is so cool! thanks, Aaron.

  • There was a record store in Hoboken, New Jersey that would give away a free copy of this 45 with every purchase in the 80s.

  • This is great…got the weightyness of late seventies California with the outsider vibes of Skip Spence or something. Works for me

  • can we get a downloadable version of this please?

  • “But You Loved Me Anyway” is a total winner. Hig’s 7″ w/ Funky Kinky and that other song is worth picking up too…

  • i’d like to know more information on this psychedelic guitar sample and others. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A51O0Airhsg – This was sampled by El-P for Mr. Lif (Post Mortem). I search “Chorus” 1974 by Janko Nilovic, If someone has this record… Thanks a lot

  • Long live Jerry Rooth, thanks Annie, Pete, Joyce, Deirdre, and Sully – Love Cowbell Al

  • Primitive Sound System

    I found a box of these in the early 80’s. It was just a bizarre record to me so I used to give it away to friends. The oddball song and one of the greatest picture sleeves ever. Makes me want to wear a cape. I kept a few of them. Years later I was putting together a compilation of Funk Organ Instrumentals. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kenneth Higney. He actually gave us the most detailed advice about how to make our re-issue project become a reality, sell and eventually pay full royalties to all involved. He was incredible. At one point he asked if I played music to which I replied yes and he then asked me a million questions about playing music. I then asked him if he played music. He of course then explained his music career and the much sought after “Attic Demonstration” record. I was sorting records one day and for one reason or another decided to play the Jerry Rooth record. I cracked up laughing when I noticed Kenneth’s name credited as the producer. My copy has push-pin holes in it because it hung on my wall since the day I found the box.

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