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Jerry Sinclair: It’s Just The Mercy Of God

Awesome cover! The music is god awful though.


  • i bought 2 sealed copies of this terd
    i wish i had never opened them !

  • What’d you expect, T? It’s [i]just[/i] the mercy of god.

  • Jerry Sinclair is dead. I knew Jerry personally and also have a copy of his one album. His music grew out of the 60’sand 70’s (all original). The only successful song he wrote was Alleluia. You may not relate to his music, but as a person, Jerry was really great to know. His music was not for entertainment, but for worship.

  • Clay Thompson

    I met Jerry back in the early seventies, ministering among the street people on Hollywood Blvd and Sunset. He was a remarkable man. I was sorry to hear that he passed away. How did he die. I have a copy of the album as well. it didn’t come out until another three years had passed. I would value hearing how his life progressed. Thanks.

  • Rad album cover!

  • Dr. Michael Butler

    I served with Jerry in the Military and was with him when he wrote the Alleluia ministry song so widley used. Jerry performed my Marriage in 1976 in Downey, California. I sang with with Jerry and loved him like my own brothers. I will miss him here on this earth, but will see him again in our NEW HOME! I MISS YOU JERRY!

    Dr. Michael Butler, PhD
    Dallas, Texas 75035

  • I thought of Jerry tonight, wondering if I could find anything about him through Google. I saw him on Benny Hinn many years ago, when he was seriously ill and asked for prayer to be healed. So God answered that prayer then…. but now Jerry is probably witnessing to people in heaven. I spent a lot of time with him in 1970-1971. A couple of us directed a half way house called “God’s House”, and Jerry lived there as the ministry was beginning. His life was “bold” for Jesus. Every time I hear the song “Aleulia”, I think of Jerry. Now he will be singing that song around the throne in heaven. All praise be to God!!!

  • Phyllis Hammons

    I knew Jerry in Seguin, Texas in the early 70s. He was so dedicated to serving God! When and how did he die? I have not heard from him in years as I moved from the area, now in Ruidoso, NM. I pray someone will take time to give me info. Did he ever get married or have children? Where was he living? Thanks so much! And thanks to God for allowing Jerry to touch my life!

  • According to Manna Music, Jerry died in January, 1993, in Los Angeles. I heard that Jerry married and had a girl. Here in 2009, she should be around 20 years of age.

  • Frank Fournier

    Jerry Sinclair’s mother, Elaine, was the pianist at West Natick Evangelical Church for a period of time in the mid to late 70’s. I met Jerry on a Easter Sunday, where he performed at the church. He was so talented and handsome. I was performing a piano solo that same service. He autographed a program for me, writing I was the next great pianist, or something like that. I too was shocked to hear he had died, as I thought he was the most talented singer I had ever met. I was with his family at his Father’s, (loving nicknamed Dyke), funeral at the Assembly of God Church in Natick. They were the most wonderful Christian family I had met. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU JERRY, your mother Elaine and your father Dyke. I will love you all for eternity.

  • Frank Fournier

    I forgot to mention that I had this album as well, and loved the title song, “Its Just The Mercy of God”. Sadly to say, I don’t have this album any longer, foolishly, I gave it away in the summer of 1993, when I was getting rid of all my albums because I no longer had a turntable. I can still hear Jerry singing it. The person who bought it and wished they didn’t….I’d like to have that album again, if you no longer wish to keep it.

  • I was aquainted with a Jerry Sinclair from 1963 to 1964. He was from Maine and was a student at Bob Jones University in SC. On week ends he directed music at our small church in NC where one of his friends preached. Is it possible that he is the same person that made this album?

  • Jerry performed my wedding in 1980. Sad to hear of his passing. Hi Karen Penner.

  • Does anyone know where I can buy any of his records?
    Tx. debbieh1212 at yahoo.

  • Debbie Moreman Hendricks

    Jerry Sinclair lived at my Grandma Bella’s house for most of the 70’s. I considered him family. He didn’t perform my wedding, but he sang 2 songs in it. He did get married although it didn’t last for long. As far as I know he did not have any children. I have his album in my attic. I can’t wait to locate it and put it on my ipod. The Waters of Shiloh is still one of my favorite songs. I miss him.

  • Is this the Jerry Sinclair that attended Bob Jones University in the early 60s? Did he write the music he recorded? Can someone email me one of his songs? I think I might be able to reconize his voice. pictureplace2@charter.net

  • I am Jerry Sinclair’s second cousin John Brown. His parents Dwight and Elaine Sinclair were my mother’s Uncle and aunt. At the time I knew him he was ministering on the Sunset strip in Hollywood in a place the His Place run by Rev. Arthur Blessit. He was also recording music and doing some pfreaching. He did marry but divorced later. He became a realtor for awhile. He died of cancer in Janurary 1993 about two months before my own brother died. His brother Terry I believe still lives in the Natick MA area or Framingham. I thank you for all the wonderful comments you’ve said about him. I am sure he’d have appreciated them,

    God bless you all

    Rev, John W. Brown

  • Karen [Staub] Shepherd

    This is the same Jerry I dated in high school in Caribou ME…his mother was Elaine & father was Dwight…knew both his brothers as well…Terry & Gary…we all were at United Baptist Church while in Caribou. His mom played piano at church wonderfully well. Jerry was a terrific singer and played piano. I just knew he had to be the one who wrote Alleuia…sounded like what he played in high school…he loved the Lord & showed it wherever he was. We went separate ways after high school. Since I was from Kansas w/family in Missouri I went to Southwest Baptist in Bolivar MO while he went to Bob Jones Univ…we wrote for a short time & I was aware he got drafted but lost track of him in mid-60’s. He did call me when I was living in New Orleans in 1965 but never heard from him or about him after that. Found this site in the process of looking for info on members of our Caribou graduating class of 1961…happy to learn he was doing what he loved to do…sad to know he is gone.

  • Carol (Brownlee) Talley

    I was in the Chosen Ones with Jerry in 1968. We sang at His Place in LA and witnessed with Arthur Blessit there, and toured all over in an old 1954 Beck Bus that finally gave up the ghost somewhere out in California. I did hear from another Chosen One that he had died, Bill Myers told me about 15 years ago. Yes, he is the same one from MA and went to Bob Jones and also lived in Seguin for awhile. The last time I saw him was in 1972 or 1973 – he came into a restaurant where I was playing and singing with Ken Kraus. Yes, he wrote “Alleluia:” and many others. He played the piano with a tremendous amount of expression and feeling. He was a sweet guy. Now singing in Heaven!
    Any of the Chosen Ones read this and want to contact me, here is my add: ivrytklr@swbell.net

  • I knew Jerry back in the early 70s. He shared all of the songs on this album in our Bible Study in Austin, TX, just a month or so after he made the recording. I still have the cassette recording of him doing these songs live.

    When we played back the tape we recorded, and we got to the song Alleluia, right after Jerry sang the verse (that no one seems to know), we were joined by a huge angelic chorus. The crescendo of their voices was incredible. They did not appear in the background of any of the other songs. I still have the tape; and it is still amazing.

  • Alleluia’s ringing all across the land
    Everybody’s singing at the Lord’s command
    All the saints and the angels up in Glory wait to hear the news
    Of Jesus and His children as they’re coming through

    I knew Jerry briefly in Lawton in the early ’70’s. My dad was pastor of the First United Methodist Church there (Rev. Carl Lawson). Bill Myers was our worship leader. I was in Junior High, probably. Our youth group sang Alleluia with him during one service. Several people from out church were in the album, like Bill Myers, Michael Cates, Delaine Wilson (sp?) and maybe some others. Loved him and his music. I remember wrestling with him in the Youth Director’s office (Joe Sherrill). Good memories. I have the album somewhere, but no turntable…

  • Patrick Reardon

    I met Jerry back in the 80s was hitch hiking to sandeigo just a teenager and i was in the company of some bad people and Jerry said God spoke to him to get me out of there Jerry got me out i never made it to sandeigo we headed back north to hermosa beach where i stayed at Jerrys place and his roommates some awsome Christians we sang Allelua Jerry was proud of that song he told me revival broke out when they sang it at a church sorry to hear he passed Jerry is in Heaven for sure his smile could light up the room does anyone know where Dano is the mastermind of the famous Danos restaurant in Manhattan. Beach please have him call me. Bless you all see you soon Patrick 541 720-4848

  • darrell autry

    I first met Jerry when I was a sophmore in high school 1974. A friend of mines church was having a revival and he invited me. Jerry, for the most part, led praise and worship, but occasionally, the Holy Spirit would take hold and he would start preaching. Jerry and the evangelist ended up back at my house after service. For the life of me I don’t know who the evangelist was but instantly knew I’d never forget this other guy. That began an amazing friendship that lasted for years with my dad, Jerry and I. My dad was also a evangelist and he and Jerry would team up and go out ministering all the time. I remember after one trip in ’75 or ’76, after one trip, I drove him to Tulsa to catch a flight back to California and we sang about every song on every 8 track in my case. I remember him telling me about an Albert Hammond (I think ) song that came on the radio, that he was on that singing backup, and starts in “it never rains in California, but boy don’t they warn ya, it pours man it pours. How cool I thought that was. Or hanging out, playing and recording with Billy Preston!!
    A lot of you mention his album. I remember one trip he came back during the making of the album. He had a couple recordings of different songs from it, i.e. Happy Birthday Jesus, Waters of Shilo and then bits and pieces of the others still under construction. I’d come home from school and he’d be at the piano working on them. Later after it was done he sent us several copies. I think my favorite was (not sure of the name but it went like this:
    Jesus life giver for you I have waited
    In hopes for a miracle to see,
    Now I am seeing that lifes greatest
    Miracle is new birth in Jesus, new birth in Jesus
    I come to you Father, I’m drawn by your Spirit in hopes of finding my way.
    Come Holy Spirit I’m ready to follow
    And leave earth’s wisdom behind. LOVED that song.
    I could go on and on. I travel now for work. Today, I was stuck in a traffic jam that resembles a parking lot in Miami, Florida. Hot, windows down, barley moving and out of the blue, Jerry’s name popped into my head. So iI decide to google his name never thing I’d see anything and imagine my surprise to find this site. How amazing. After reading everyone’s posts, it’s plain to see we were all talking about the same man.
    Jerry impacted my life in such a positive way. He would talk to me for hours and really listen to a teenagers worries thoughts concerns and dreams. He was such an infectiously positive, uplifting, optimistic and FULL OF LIFE. He was profoundly proud of his relationship with Jesus and the man would share his faith at the drop of a hat.
    He experienced more life, more love and more of a walk with the Lord in a week than I have in all my 58 years combined. He made me feel worth in God. He made SURE I knew God loved me. He helped me to have hope. I miss him so much.
    There will never be another Jerry. God broke the mold. Sorry I’ve rambled on so long. I never knew this was going to happen. Thanks for all your kind words about him. Oh yeah I almost forgot, he did get married. My dad flew to Cali and performed the ceremony. He stayed out there with “Mom” as Jerry referred to “Grandma” for a couple days before the wedding. I think I was playing football at the time in college and couldn’t go.

  • Good afternoon,

    I’m from Brazil and I feel much anointing in worship alleluia, written by Jerry Sinclair.
    I would love to hear the original sung by him and not found on youtube.
    Do you know where is this song or if someone could give me a song by e-mail?

    Thank you very much,
    God bless,


  • I sang backup on this record, thanks to Bill Myers. I was 17, just out of high school in Lawton, OK, and we recorded this in Oklahoma City. The only studio time we could get was from midnight until 8AM, so we did that for 2 weekends. Such great memories! I loved these songs, and sang them in the first churches I served while in college. I loved getting to know Jerry, and am sad that he has passed.

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