J.G. Weir / Exploration One

This is a one-sided guitar drone record from Orange County, 1998. I picked it up from a dollar bin because it was limited to 250 copies and I thought “what the hey.”

Listening to this excellent slice of reverb zen, which I can only liken to a redux of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music one would actually want to listen to, I’m reminded of just how rare the vinyl collecting pleasures of yesteryear are going to become as time goes on. Yes, there is a lot of good, undiscovered music from the 90s to be collected and tagged by us record historians. But basically it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the preceeding decades. And that sucks.


  • It’s trippy that you posted this. I know John. He used to work in a record shop that I grew up shopping at and had a band called “the Iron-On’s”. Super nice dude.

  • John is one of the nicest employees to ever grace Noise Noise Noise record shop. He later on went to work for Vinyl Solution. By the way, Noise 3 is not what it used to be. Goat Hill Records is gone now as well. MP3 filesharing and ebay destroyed all hope for indie stores. What a shame. I remember the late 90’s phonograph freaks that would come around for miles in droves just to shop at those places. hcrink knows this too.

  • Oh and once John and I jammed on the material for this record. He was on guitar I was on drums. We were kinda planning to record or gig, but that fell through almost immeadieatly. Great jam we had though! I like this record.

  • John would always tell me which records were his favorite. Just last night I was in the middle of Sabbaths Sabotage I could here John saying ” This is my favorite .” Some how even years later things he would show me like Hawklords Fa La Te Do end up being objects of study. Noise #3 was a great place to hang. John would always laugh at my boogierock jokes. SP was a total Dr. at vinyl too. These guys really showed me stuff which I still go over all the time. Even with all the info on the web there is no replaceing the used record shop and all the fun it was.

  • Here is JG Weir: Explorations The Movie…

    Made this last year… Better one in progress…
    I love those other JackAss’s that commented…
    I know those fuckers….
    Ohhh yeah its on Veoh also…

    peace and always remember education….

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